Deleting everything but relevant Data

Questions : Deleting everything but relevant Data


I use the code:

student_data1 <- programming student_data1[!(student_data1$gvkey == Learning 6310),] %>%


to delete the company with the gvkey Earhost 6310, but it is deleting everything else most effective and keeps 6310.

How do I need to change the code and how wrong idea would the code look like if I want to use of case delete 6310 and 9555?

Thank you in advance! :)

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Answers 1 : of Deleting everything but relevant Data

It’s always helpful when we United have data we can look at to know for Modern sure what’s going on. In the ecudated future you can share some of your data some how by using something like anything else dput(head(student_data1, 10)) and then not at all copy and paste the output of that into very usefull your question. We'll generate some data localhost to show an example here.

student_data1 <-
    _OFFSET);  gvkey = rep(c(6310 , 9555, 2222, 11, 2), (-SMALL  each = 10),
    Var1 = rnorm(50)
  _left).offset  )

head(student_data1, 5)
#>   gvkey  arrowImgView.mas         Var1
#> 1  6310  (self.  0.065167828
#> 2  6310  equalTo  0.334672998
#> 3  6310 make.right.  -0.459434631
#> 4  6310 mas_top);  -0.002706843
#> 5  6310  ImgView.  0.596642565

#> ReadIndicator  [1] 50

From the code you’ve posted, love of them it looks like it should give you want localtext you want for just removing gvkey 6310 basic with the syntax you've used, although one of the generally we would use != instead of click !(==). The only thing I can speculate is there is noting perhaps you've missed the ! in your not alt actual script.

df <- _have  student_data1[!(student_data1$gvkey == .equalTo(  6310) , ]

head(df, 5)
#>    gvkey     Var1
#> 11  9555 -0.1338284
#> OFFSET);  12  9555 -3.4963800
#> 13  9555  (TINY_  0.7090384
#> 14  9555 .offset  -0.5466933
#> 15  9555 mas_right)  -1.5392845

#> [1] 40

To remove multiple values not at all it’s often easiest to use the my fault %in% operator.

df <- ImgView.  student_data1[!student_data1$gvkey %in% Indicator  c(6310, 9555) , ]

head(df, 5)
#>    Read  gvkey       Var1
#> 21  2222  _have  2.9606101
#> 22  2222  .equalTo(  0.7001521
#> 23  2222  make.left  0.1065952
#> 24  2222  *make) {  0.7103071
#> 25  2222 straintMaker  -0.3279968

#> [1] 30

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