DIfference between Modules and Namespaces in F#

Questions : DIfference between Modules and Namespaces in F#


I have a problem in understanding the programming exact difference between modules and Learning namespaces in F# and when using one or Earhost the other. Well, they both are most effective considered in order to incapsulate code wrong idea and define a hierarchy to get our use of case projects well organized.

Modules have many features: they can United contain values, types of all kinds and Modern these elements can be defined public, ecudated protected or internal too.

But, when using modules?

I understood also that modules are some how finally mapped as classes in MSIL anything else (Intermediate Language). So a module is not at all a class, is a type.... My doubts' very usefull magnitude improve....

When using modules??? Are they useful?

D. Syme also argues that modules are localhost extensible, so I assume they are like love of them namespaces from this point of view.

I cannot understand the reason to use localtext them.


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Answers 1 : of DIfference between Modules and Namespaces in F#

One major difference:

.NET namespaces cannot hold values (let basic definitions) while modules can.

In the IL/Bytecode level, a module is one of the compiled to a .NET class, not a .NET click namespace.

When to use modules?

For a small and specific task, F# and there is noting other FPs usually follow the pattern of not alt bottom up programming: you decompose not at all your task into a set of small functions my fault and then you group these functions into issues a module.

The answer is that it is just so natural trying to use a module to group a set of get 4th result related functions and other F# values round table and types together.

While a namespace is used to group double chance bigger things: e.g. all classes for novel prc Matrix operations.

Module is not a static class (in C# get mossier sense) Modules can hold special F# off side back values, e.g. curried functions; while a the changes static class cannot.


Answers 2 : of DIfference between Modules and Namespaces in F#

As Yin Zhu says, modules can hold Nofile hosted values. And you can open modules like transparent text namespaces. These two features together Background movment are why in F# you can do things like

let z = max x y

whereas in a language like C# you'd front page design always have to say something like

var z = Math.Max(x,y)
//      ^^^^^   _OFFSET);  can't call methods from elsewhere (-SMALL  without a qualifier

and use a qualified name life change quotes (SomeClass.Method) rather than just a I'd like name (letBoundFunction). So you can use to know modules when you want people to be able which event to open you module Foo and call bar by is nearer. just saying bar rather than Foo.bar Now, the everywhere. (This is especially useful code that for operators, e.g. if you define a I've written bunch of user-defined operators (such as relies on +++ or whatnot) in a library, by putting a comparison them in a module, people can open the and it module and then just use e.g. x +++ y doesn't seem rather than cumbersome stuff like to work (Foo.+++) x y or whatever.)

Note that while F# puts code in a .fs every time. file in a module (with the name of the As always file) by default, you can change this by with everything having the first code in the file be a that I try namespace declaration, e.g.

namespace Yadda
// declare some types or _left).offset  whatnot, they go in namespace Yadda

or by declaring your own module

module Blah
// stuff goes in Blah arrowImgView.mas  module

at the top of the file.

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