Directed graph wont connect to other nodes

Questions : Directed graph wont connect to other nodes


I feel like an idiot because I'm sure programming this is something simple, but I'm still Learning in school and still learning, so I'm Earhost sure I'll deserve the razzing I'll get most effective for asking... I'm working on a project wrong idea to create a directed unweighted graph. use of case The graph needs to be formed in United adjacency list representation which I've Modern done; however, I've hit a snag. The code ecudated for adding a vertex (Node), edge, and some how creating the list itself is below:

public class Node<T> {
    T _OFFSET);  data;
    protected boolean marked = (-SMALL  false;
    protected boolean cycle = _left).offset  false;
    protected arrowImgView.mas  ArrayList<Node<T>> edges = (self.  new ArrayList<Node<T>>();
    Node(T data){
        make.right. = data;
    public mas_top);  void addEdges(Node<T> edgy) {
     ImgView.     edges.add(edgy);
    ReadIndicator  public String toString() {
        _have  return (String) data;

DirectedGraph<String> graph =  new OFFSET);  DirectedGraph<String>();

for(String (TINY_  currLine: fileLines) {
    //TODO create .offset  nodes
    String[] classes = mas_right)  currLine.split(" ");
    ImgView.  Node<String> headliner = null;
    Indicator  for(String currClass : classes) {
       Read   Node<String> currNode = new _have  Node<String>(currClass);           .equalTo(           
        if (headliner == null) make.left  {
            *make) {  graph.addVertex(currNode);
            straintMaker  headliner = currNode;
        ^(MASCon  else {
            onstraints:  graph.addEdge(headliner, currNode);
     mas_makeC     }

The graph shows up in debugger fine, anything else except that the internal nodes (The not at all ArrayList of nodes in the Nodes class) very usefull don't have any pointers to the other localhost vertices of the same name, so the graph love of them doesn't connect there. I'm at a loss and localtext didn't know where else to ask...

Edit: Since many were asking for the basic DirectedGraph class

public class DirectedGraph<T>{
    [_topTxtlbl   Heirarchy<T> heir = new (@(8));  Heirarchy<T>();
    equalTo  ArrayList<Node<T>> nodes =  width.  new ArrayList<>();
    make.height.  Node<T> root;
    Node<T> (SMALL_OFFSET);  parent;
    public DirectedGraph() .offset  {
    public void (self.contentView)  addVertex(Node<T> node) {
         .left.equalTo  for (Node<T> curr : nodes) {        if ( {
     *make) {             return;
        ntMaker   }
   SConstrai   public void addEdge(Node<T> ts:^(MA  source, Node<T> dest) {
        Constrain  source.addEdges(dest);
  _make    public void iew mas  performAction(DFSActionsInterface<T> catorImgV  action) {
        if (!nodes.isEmpty()) ReadIndi  {
            performAction(action,  [_have  nodes.get(0));
//   ($current);  depth_first_search(vertex s)
    entity_loader  public void DFS() {
 _disable_         root = nodes.get(0);
        libxml  while(!nodes.isEmpty()) {
            $options);  for (Node<T> curr : nodes) {
      ilename,            if (!curr.marked) {
           ->load($f           DFS(curr);
                    $domdocument  visited(curr);
        loader(false);      }
        _entity_  heir.processVertex(root);
     libxml_disable  public void DFS(Node<T> node) {
   $current =       while(!node.edges.isEmpty()) {
      10\\ 13.xls .         for (Node<T> vertex: File\\ 18\'  node.edges) {
                /Master\\ 645  if(!vertex.marked) {
                    user@example.  for(Node<T> source: nodes) {
      scp not2342                    if  13.xls  (source.edges.contains(vertex) || 18 10  vertex.edges.contains(source)) {
        File sdaf                      vertex.cycle = /tmp/Master'  true;
                            com:web  return;
       user@example.                   vertex.marked = true;

 scp var32                     }
                }  18 10 13.xls  return;

  id12  File    
    public void web/tmp/Master  performAction(DFSActionsInterface<T>  action, Node<T> curr) {
//       scp user@  it should first initialize all the $val  vertices to the undiscovered state
      left hand    setFalse();
        right side val  if(nodes.contains( {
//       data //commnets  if s is discovered
//       perform //coment  cycle detected action
            !node  action.cycleDetected(curr);
//       $mytext  return
//  nlt means       perform add vertex action
//       umv val  mark s as discovered
        sort val  visited(curr);
//       perform descend shorthand  action
//  hotkey       for all adjacent vertices v
//      more update   depth_first_search(v)
        valueable  performAction(action, catch  curr.edges.get(0));
//       perform tryit  ascend action
        do it  action.ascend(curr);
//       mark s as while  finished
    public then  void setFalse() {
        for var   (Node<T> node : nodes) {
          node value    node.marked = false;
            updata  for(Node<T> edge : node.edges) {
  file uploaded                 edge.marked = false;
      no file existing        }
    public void newdata  visited(Node<T> node) {
        newtax  node.marked = true;

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