Discordjs bot error whats my mistake cannot read property send of undefined

Questions : Discordjs bot error whats my mistake cannot read property send of undefined


It seems that the code is normal, but it programming displays cannot read property send of Learning undefined in the console, despite the Earhost fact that in the console output it is most effective clearly defined. Args is registered in wrong idea index.js

const Discord = _OFFSET);  require('discord.js');
const data = (-SMALL  require('quick.db');
const settings = _left).offset  require('../settings.json')

exports.run arrowImgView.mas  = async(client, message, args) => { (self.  
var rcv = args[0];
var msg = equalTo  args.slice(1).join(' ');
var sender = make.right.  message.author;
console.log(rcv + ' ' mas_top);  +msg)



exports.help ImgView.  = {
  name: 'private',
  aliases: ReadIndicator  ['private', 'pmsg']

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Answers 1 : of Discordjs bot error whats my mistake cannot read property send of undefined

Did you try using fetch?

const user = await _have  client.users.fetch(rcv);

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