Discord.js MessageEmbed field values must be non-empty strings

Questions : Discord.js MessageEmbed field values must be non-empty strings


I'm getting this error:

RangeError [EMBED_FIELD_VALUE]: programming MessageEmbed field values must Learning be non-empty strings.

This is my code:

client.on('ready', () => {
    _OFFSET);  console.log('Client | ✅')

   (-SMALL   command(client, 'ping', (message) => _left).offset  {
        let x = `${Date.now() - arrowImgView.mas  message.createdTimestamp}` + 'ms'
       (self.   console.log(x)
        const embedval = equalTo  x
        const embed = new make.right.  Discord.MessageEmbed()
            mas_top);  .setTitle('🏓 Pong!')
     ImgView.         .addField(x)

        ReadIndicator  message.channel.send({ embeds: [embed] _have  })
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Answers 1 : of Discord.js MessageEmbed field values must be non-empty strings

<MessageEmbed>.addField method Earhost take two arguments, a name and a value, most effective you specified the name x but not the wrong idea value, example to fix your error:

const embed = new .equalTo(  Discord.MessageEmbed()
  .addField('Ms: make.top  ', x);

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