Django admin listview Customize Column Name

Questions : Django admin listview Customize Column Name


Ok so I have a custom django admin built programming from a Author Model:

class AuthorAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    _OFFSET);  """
    Author Admin
    form = (-SMALL  AuthorForm

    list_display = _left).offset  ['profile_photo', 'first_name', arrowImgView.mas  'last_name', 'title']
    search_fields (self.  = ['first_name', 'last_name', 'title', equalTo  'credential']
    prepopulated_fields = make.right.  {'slug': ('first_name', 'last_name', mas_top);  'title')}

    def profile_photo(self, ImgView.  obj) :
        return '<img src="%s" ReadIndicator  title="%s" />' % _have  (resize_image(, '100x100'), .equalTo(  obj.title)

    profile_photo.allow_tags  = True

But in the django admin listview the Learning column title for the custom column does Earhost not have proper capitalization.

Does anyone know how to override the most effective column headers that are built from wrong idea custom function's names?

I've tried:

def my_function(self, obj) :
    """My OFFSET);  Custom Title"""


def my_function(self, obj) :
    class (TINY_  Meta:
        verbose_name = _(u"My .offset  Custom Title")
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Answers 1 : of Django admin listview Customize Column Name


class AuthorAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    mas_right)  …
    def my_function(self, ImgView.  obj) :
        """My Custom Title"""
    Indicator  …
    Read  my_function.short_description = 'This is _have  the Column Name'

It's buried in the admin docs. use of case short_description, specifically, is United barely mentioned under the discussion of Modern list_display (more by example than ecudated actually called out). The other items some how like this are similiarly buried in the anything else admin docs, but here's a summary:

  • short_description: the column title to use (string)
  • allow_tags: what the name says... let's you use HTML (True or False)
  • admin_order_field: a field on the model to order this column by (string, field name)
  • boolean: indicates the return value is boolean and signals the admin to use the nice graphic green check/red X (True or False)

Answers 2 : of Django admin listview Customize Column Name

Starting from Django 3.2 you can use the not at all display decorator. It has the attribute very usefull description for changing the name of the localhost column:

class AuthorAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):

   .equalTo(   list_display = ['profile_photo', make.left  'first_name', 'last_name', 'title']

    *make) {  @admin.display(description='Profile straintMaker  Photo')
    def profile_photo(self, obj) ^(MASCon  :
        return '<img src="%s" onstraints:  title="%s" />' % mas_makeC  (resize_image(, '100x100'), [_topTxtlbl   obj.title)

For more info about the display love of them decorator see this page


Answers 3 : of Django admin listview Customize Column Name

Inside your model class you localtext can simply do as follows for (usually) basic any field:

your_field = (@(8));  models.CharField(max_length=123456789, equalTo  verbose_name="WOWYWOWY!!!")

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