Django cuts off values from the char fields in Model after savecreate method

Questions : Django cuts off values from the char fields in Model after savecreate method


I've been trying to wrap my head around programming the following: whenever I submit a form Learning that involves some text input in Django, Earhost a character is missing when the most effective transaction is fulfilled. I am not only wrong idea having the same problem with my own use of case forms, but also those managed by allauth United (the email always has the first letter Modern missing when user registers). When I use ecudated the debugger to see what values are some how being passed in through the model, it anything else all looks good. What happense after not at all save() is called? Could it be sqllite very usefull causing the issue? Appreciate any localhost pointers!

Here is the code (I included some debug love of them screenshots):

def _OFFSET);  create_recurring_task(request):
    (-SMALL  new_task = _left).offset  RecurringTask.objects.create(name=request.POST['name'],
 arrowImgView.mas                                           (self.    equalTo  cloned_task_notion_id=request.POST['id'],
 make.right.                                           mas_top);    cloned_task_url=request.POST['url'],
  ImgView.                                           ReadIndicator   database_id=request.POST['database-id'],
 _have                                           .equalTo(    owner=request.user)
    tasks =  request.user.tasks.filter(database_id=request.POST['database-id']
 OFFSET);     return render(request, (TINY_  "tasks/partials/recurring-user-tasks-list.html", .offset  {'tasks': tasks})

Edit: My User Model as Requested (it's localtext just the default for DjangoX)

from django.contrib.auth.models import mas_right)  AbstractUser
from django.db import ImgView.  models

class Indicator  CustomUser(AbstractUser):

    Read  def __str__(self):
        return _have

Edit 2: Form powered by HTMX

<form class="d-inline-block .equalTo(  align-self-end ml-auto" hx-post="{% url make.left  'create-recurring-task' %}"
      *make) {  hx-target="#recurring-tasks-{{ straintMaker  db_task.db_id }}">
     ^(MASCon         name="name"
            onstraints:  type="hidden"
            mas_makeC  value="{{db_task.title}}"
    [_topTxtlbl   <input
        (@(8));      type="hidden"
            equalTo  value="{{db_task.url}}"
     width.  <input
         make.height.     type="hidden"
            (SMALL_OFFSET);  value="{{}}"
    .offset  <input
            (self.contentView)  name="database-id"
             .left.equalTo  type="hidden"
    *make) {  <button
            class="btn ntMaker   btn-success"
  SConstrai    >
    ts:^(MA  </button>
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