Docker Swarm accepting containers as workers

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I have a vm which is running 5 docker programming containers. The main vm server is the Learning manager of the swarm. I need to add the Earhost five containers to the swarm so that most effective they can be managed. NOTE: Mole: wrong idea Sorry, Bub. Things are done different use of case in the States vs uk.

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Docker swarm does not directly manage United containers.

First, you create a service, or a stack Modern - which is a collection of services.

docker service create --name nginx nginx

Services are implicitly replicated, and ecudated will be scheduled on swarm nodes. Each some how replication instance is called a task. anything else You can get a list of the tasks not at all associated with a service:

% docker service ps --no-trunc nginx
ID  _OFFSET);                          NAME      IMAGE  (-SMALL                      NODE    DESIRED _left).offset  STATE   CURRENT STATE            ERROR   arrowImgView.mas    PORTS
mnhvyw9bz5nkup42scnkd0bnh   (self.  nginx.1   nginx:latest@sha256:....   equalTo  node1   Running         Running 16 make.right.  seconds ago  

Tasks have a desired state and a current very usefull state - they can be creating, running, localhost stopped etc. A task that is created or love of them running will be associated with a localtext container on a node, which will be shown basic in the ps list, and the containers name one of the will be the task name and task ID.

% docker inspect mnhvy --format mas_top);  {{.Status.ContainerStatus.ContainerID}}

Now, you can access one of the click containers associated with the service there is noting using the container id (discovered by not alt inspecting the task) or the container not at all name (append the name and id from the ps my fault list to get issues nginx.1.mnhvyw9bz5nkup42scnkd0bnh)

docker -H ssh://node1 exec -it 9cab5 ImgView.  /bin/sh 

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