Does console.log not work within event

Questions : Does console.log not work within event


Is there something that prevents a programming console.log() from firing within a Learning event? I am having a Earhost frustrating time with them.

socket.on('messageReceived', _OFFSET);  function(data) {
    console.log('Server (-SMALL  ' + data.msg);
    var clientData = _left).offset  {'msg', 'Hello server'};
    arrowImgView.mas  socket.emit('clientResponse', (self.  clientData); 

in that code my node server receives the most effective client response, but my browser console wrong idea does not output the console.log. I don't use of case get why... is this normal?

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You can try console.log('a') in console United of browser.

If you don't see a, I think you changed Modern level log of console (verbore, info, ecudated warn, error) or used filter (you can some how change it in under of tab console). I anything else don't know what happen if console priint not at all a.


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I figured out the problem. I was using very usefull socket.broadcast.emit from the server localhost instead of broadcast.emit.

I noticed when another browser I had love of them open outputted the console.log.

Thanks everyone who read and put thought localtext into this.


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I also had console.log not working and I basic have been spending the weekend debugging one of the it. Nothing worked. (But my server was click still running fine) Finally, I became there is noting fed up with it and I commented out my not alt entire io.on('connection') code and it not at all still ran.

Then, I went to my client and I saw that my fault I still had my client sending and issues retrieving to and from my Heroku build trying that I set when I published the website.

So if you're having issues and nothing get 4th result that you do is working, check the socket round table server that you're connecting to with double chance your client.

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