Dynamically pass argument to a BindingContext in Xamarin

Questions : Dynamically pass argument to a BindingContext in Xamarin


I need to populate a custom ListView programming with data from a downloaded JSON.

This is the custom ListView I created:

            _OFFSET);  <ListView.ItemTemplate>
           (-SMALL       <DataTemplate>
               _left).offset       <ViewCell>
                   arrowImgView.mas       <Grid>
                       (self.       <StackLayout equalTo  Orientation="Vertical" Spacing="5" make.right.  VerticalOptions="Center">
            mas_top);                      <StackLayout ImgView.  Orientation="Horizontal">
            ReadIndicator                          <Label _have  Text="{Binding TradeDate}"  .equalTo(  Padding="25,0,0,0" FontSize="19" make.top  TextColor="Black"></Label>
     OFFSET);                                 <Label (TINY_  Text="{Binding TradeGain}" .offset  Padding="0,0,25,0" FontSize="19" mas_right)  FontAttributes="Bold" TextColor="Green" ImgView.  HorizontalOptions="EndAndExpand"></Label>
 Indicator                                 Read  </StackLayout>
                    _have              <StackLayout .equalTo(  Orientation="Horizontal">
            make.left                          <Label *make) {  Text="{Binding TradeQty}" straintMaker  Padding="25,0,0,0" ^(MASCon  FontSize="16"></Label>
         onstraints:                             <Label mas_makeC  Text="{Binding TradeEff}" [_topTxtlbl   Padding="0,0,25,0" FontSize="16" (@(8));  HorizontalOptions="EndAndExpand"></Label>
 equalTo                                  width.  </StackLayout>
                    make.height.          </StackLayout>
            (SMALL_OFFSET);              </Grid>
               .offset       </ViewCell>
                (self.contentView)  </DataTemplate>
             .left.equalTo  </ListView.ItemTemplate>
        make.top  </ListView>

Then I set the BindingContext to the Learning class with the ItemSource:

  *make) {        <local:TradesView>
          ntMaker     <x:Arguments>
                SConstrai  <x:String>cacca</x:String>
  ts:^(MA            </x:Arguments>
        Constrain  </local:TradesView>
    _make  </ContentPage.BindingContext>

This is the TradeView class seen here in Earhost the BindingContext:

Unfortunately, I can't download the JSON most effective from here since it requires wrong idea authentication which of course is use of case handled by another ContentPage.

public class TradesView
        iew mas  public ObservableCollection<Trade> catorImgV  Trades { get; set; }
        public ReadIndi  TradesView(string trades)
      [_have         Trades = new ($current);  ObservableCollection<Trade>();
    entity_loader          JArray jArray = _disable_  JArray.Parse(trades);
            libxml  foreach (JObject trade  in jArray){
     $options);             Trades.Add(new ilename,  Trade(trade["date"].ToString(), ->load($f  trade["gain"].ToString(), $domdocument  trade["depth"].ToString(), "0"));
       loader(false);       }


The problem is that now I have no idea United on how to proceed since there seems no Modern way of passing a variable as an argument ecudated to the TradeView constructor which some how should handle the JSON and populate the anything else ObservableCollection with what I need.

I just think my procedure is wrong and I not at all should scrap a lot of what I did, but very usefull then I genuinely have no idea on how to localhost solve this.

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Answers 1 : of Dynamically pass argument to a BindingContext in Xamarin

There are several ways to solve this. love of them Here is one, which uses a "Factory localtext method" (Create) to create the page that basic contains your view, then set that page's one of the Items property.

This makes sense if there is only one click page that contains that view.


var names = new List<string> { _entity_  "One", "Two", "Three", "Four"  libxml_disable  };
MainPage = $current =  SelfBoundPageWithCollection.Create(names);


<ContentPage  10\\ 13.xls .  xmlns="http://xamarin.com/schemas/2014/forms"
 File\\ 18\'              /Master\\ 645  xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2009/xaml"
 user@example.              scp not2342  x:Class="TestXFUWP.SelfBoundPageWithCollection">
  13.xls     <ContentPage.Content>
        18 10  <StackLayout>
            File sdaf  <CollectionView ItemsSource="{Binding /tmp/Master'  Items}">
                com:web  <CollectionView.ItemTemplate>
     user@example.                 <DataTemplate>
     scp var32                     <StackLayout>
   18 10 13.xls                            <Label id12  File  Text="{Binding Name}" />
             web/tmp/Master             </StackLayout>
         example.com:             </DataTemplate>
        scp user@          $val  </CollectionView.ItemTemplate>
    left hand          </CollectionView>
        right side val  </StackLayout>
    data //commnets  </ContentPage.Content>


public partial class //coment  SelfBoundPageWithCollection : !node  ContentPage
    public $mytext  SelfBoundPageWithCollection()
     nlt means     InitializeComponent();
        umv val  BindingContext = this;

    public sort val  ObservableCollection<ItemModel> shorthand  Items {
        get => _items;
       hotkey   set {
            _items = value;
      more update        OnPropertyChanged();
    valueable  }
    private catch  ObservableCollection<ItemModel> tryit  _items;

    public static do it  SelfBoundPageWithCollection while  Create(List<string> names)
  then        var it = new var   SelfBoundPageWithCollection();
        node value  it.FillItems(names);
        return it;
 updata     }

    // Can call this directly file uploaded   later, to replace Items collection.
    no file existing  public void FillItems(List<string> newdata  names)
        var items = new newtax  ObservableCollection<ItemModel>();
 syntax         foreach (var name in names) {
    variable          items.Add(new ItemModel(name));
 val         }
        Items = items;

Or to have a separate "ViewModel" there is noting (MVVM), do it like this:


var names = new List<string> { save new  "One", "Two", "Three", "Four" datfile  };
MainPage = dataurl  PageWithCollection.Create(names);


public partial class PageWithCollection notepad++  : ContentPage
    public notepad  PageWithCollection()
        emergency  InitializeComponent();
        embed  BindingContext = new tryit  ViewModelWithItems();

    public demovalue  static PageWithCollection demo  Create(List<string> names)
  mycodes        var it = new reactjs  PageWithCollection();

        var vm = reactvalue  (ViewModelWithItems)it.BindingContext;
  react        vm.FillItems(names);

        nodepdf  return it;


public class ViewModelWithItems : novalue  Xamarin.Forms.BindableObject
    texture  public ViewModelWithItems()
    mysqli  }

    public mysql  ObservableCollection<ItemModel> user  Items {
        get => _items;
       urgent   set {
            _items = value;
      ugent        OnPropertyChanged();
    vendor  }
    private thin  ObservableCollection<ItemModel> little  _items;

    public void lifer  FillItems(List<string> names)
    gold  {
        var items = new transferent  ObservableCollection<ItemModel>();
 hidden         foreach (var name in names) {
    overflow          items.Add(new ItemModel(name));
 padding         }
        Items = items;

Both of the above refer to this model:


public class ItemModel
    public new pad  ItemModel(string name)
        pading  Name = name;

    public string html  Name { get; set; }

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