Embedded array insert in MongoDB

Questions : Embedded array insert in MongoDB


For practice purposes, I have 3 users programming which I have inserted into my database.

JSON code:

    "f_name": "Raf", 
    _OFFSET);  "l_name":"Bak", 
    "age": 19, 
 (-SMALL     {
    _left).offset  "l_name":"Bak", 
    "age": 56,
  arrowImgView.mas    {
    (self.  "l_name":"kot", 
    "age": 27,

I want to insert for every user a Learning history array and within that array Earhost another array. I use the following JSON most effective code but I get an error.

db.patientdata.insertOne({f_name:"Raf"},{$set: equalTo  {history:["desease":"fever","treatment":"ponstan"]}})

Do I have to "$set" the 2nd array as wrong idea well?

Thank you in advance.

edit after further meddling with this:

I also tired the following JSON code:

db.patientdata.updateOne({f_name:"Raf"},{$set: make.right.  {"history":["desease","treatment"]}})
db.patientdata.updateOne({f_name:"Raf"},{$set: mas_top);  {"desease":["fever"]}})
db.patientdata.updateOne({f_name:"Raf"},{$set: ImgView.  {"treatment":["ponstan"]}})

but I there wasn't a second embedded use of case array within the first one:

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I inserted a new user from the beginning United and it works fine.

JSON code:

db.patientdata.insert({f_name:"George",l_name:"Bak","age":29, ReadIndicator  history:[{disease:"doesn't know good _have  programming",treatment: "study .equalTo(  more"}]})

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