Enabling AllShare Cast in an Android App

Questions : Enabling AllShare Cast in an Android App


I'm developing a very simple application anycodings_android where I have a button .. OnClicking that anycodings_android button the screen of my mobile phone should anycodings_android be shared with my Smart Samsung TV. The anycodings_android question now is how can I enable AllShare anycodings_android Cast feature onClicking that button??

from what I read, I should create an anycodings_android AllShare app from the beginning (see: anycodings_android http://developer.samsung.com/allshare-framework/start) anycodings_android .. but I want to implement this using a anycodings_android normal Android Application.

Appreciate your tips

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I'm using the activateManagerUI() method anycodings_samsung-smart-tv to enable the AllShare Cast.

Link to the activateManagerUI() javadoc. anycodings_samsung-smart-tv

I know that it is not the solution you anycodings_samsung-smart-tv asked for, but as far I know you can't anycodings_samsung-smart-tv enable the AllShare Cast without asking anycodings_samsung-smart-tv user to do that.


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