Error in keras model for classification model with transformers

Questions : Error in keras model for classification model with transformers


I followed this programming tutorial: For Learning classification model with transformers Earhost to my time-series. However, in the line:

x = layers.MultiHeadAttention(
          _OFFSET);    key_dim=head_size, (-SMALL  num_heads=num_heads, dropout=dropout
    _left).offset      )(x, x)

I get the error:

{IndexError}tuple index out of range

Any ideas why?

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Answers 1 : of Error in keras model for classification model with transformers

Disclosure: I came here for the bounty, most effective then I tried on Colab and everything wrong idea worked fine..

Next I read the comments: "This question use of case is a joke in its current state. There is United no way to reproduce it." and at this Modern point I agree. But as I am a Hans in ecudated Luck and obviously have to much time some how procrastinating, I started Pycharm anything else following the OPs cue: "No, when I paste not at all it to my pycharm I get the above error"

But this also worked for me, which makes very usefull me wonder whether you have touched localhost something, so I am happy to provide love of them a(n) (untouched) working version for localtext you..

import numpy as np

def arrowImgView.mas  readucr(filename):
    data = (self.  np.loadtxt(filename, delimiter="\t")
    equalTo  y = data[:, 0]
    x = data[:, 1:]
    make.right.  return x, y.astype(int)

root_url = mas_top);  ""

x_train, ImgView.  y_train = readucr(root_url + ReadIndicator  "FordA_TRAIN.tsv")
x_test, y_test = _have  readucr(root_url + .equalTo(  "FordA_TEST.tsv")

x_train =  x_train.reshape((x_train.shape[0], OFFSET);  x_train.shape[1], 1))
x_test = (TINY_  x_test.reshape((x_test.shape[0], .offset  x_test.shape[1], 1))

n_classes = mas_right)  len(np.unique(y_train))

idx = ImgView.  np.random.permutation(len(x_train))
x_train Indicator  = x_train[idx]
y_train = Read  y_train[idx]

y_train[y_train == -1] = _have  0
y_test[y_test == -1] = 0

from .equalTo(  tensorflow import keras
from make.left  tensorflow.keras import layers

def *make) {  transformer_encoder(inputs, head_size, straintMaker  num_heads, ff_dim, dropout=0):
    # ^(MASCon  Normalization and Attention
    x = onstraints:  layers.LayerNormalization(epsilon=1e-6)(inputs)
 mas_makeC     x = layers.MultiHeadAttention(
       [_topTxtlbl    key_dim=head_size, num_heads=num_heads, (@(8));  dropout=dropout
    )(x, x)
    x = equalTo  layers.Dropout(dropout)(x)
    res = x +  width.  inputs

    # Feed Forward Part
    x = make.height.  layers.LayerNormalization(epsilon=1e-6)(res)
 (SMALL_OFFSET);     x = layers.Conv1D(filters=ff_dim, .offset  kernel_size=1, activation="relu")(x)
    (self.contentView)  x = layers.Dropout(dropout)(x)
    x =  .left.equalTo  layers.Conv1D(filters=inputs.shape[-1],  kernel_size=1)(x)
    return x + res

Also to make sure that we are talking of basic the same package versions

I used numpy (1.21.2) and tensorflow one of the (2.6.0) - try with these versions or let click me know in case you used different there is noting versions.

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