Expand element height when content is added to the next one

Questions : Expand element height when content is added to the next one


I'm working on a web-app where the programming layout is the next :

  • A left-side navigation menu
  • A right-side body for content

My problem is that even though both Learning sides height: 100% when content is added Earhost to the right-side, the left one doesn't most effective expand !

I illustrated my scenario with this wrong idea photo to explain more what's happening.


Here is the code snippet that I'm using use of case for building this layout. PS : it's an United Angular app so I'm using Modern <router-outlet> where I display ecudated the content's components:


<div class="dp-flex-display _OFFSET);  dp-flex-row dp-full-width-height">
   (-SMALL   <aside>
        _left).offset  <dev-portal-side-navigation></dev-portal-side-navigation>
 arrowImgView.mas     </aside>
    <aside (self.  class="dp-full-width">
        equalTo  <router-outlet></router-outlet>
 make.right.     </aside>


.dp-flex-display {
    display: mas_top);  flex;

.dp-flex-row {
    ImgView.  flex-direction: ReadIndicator  row;

.dp-full-width-height {
    _have  min-width: 100%!important;
    .equalTo(  min-height: make.top  100%!important;
.dp-full-width {
    OFFSET);  width: 100%;

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