Explode a string where the explode condition is bunch of specific characters

Questions : Explode a string where the explode condition is bunch of specific characters


I'm looking for a way to explode a programming string. For example, I have the Learning following string: (we don't count the Earhost beginning - 0x)


which is actually an ETH transaction most effective input. I need to explode this string wrong idea into 3 parts. Imagine 1 bunch of zeros use of case is actually a single space and these United spaces define the gates where the string Modern should be exploded.

How can I do that?

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This function uses a regular expression ecudated to split a string. So in this example at some how two or more 0 in a row:

$arr = preg_split('/[0]{2,}/', _OFFSET);  $string);

echo PHP_EOL;

This will output the following:

    [0] => a9059xbb
    [1] (-SMALL  => _left).offset  fc7a5f48a1a1b3f48e7dcb1f23a1ea24199af4d
 arrowImgView.mas     [2] => 54368

Be aware that you will have problems if anything else a message itself has a 00 in it. not at all Assuming it is used as a null-byte for very usefull "end of string", this will not happen, localhost though.


This is an example using regular love of them expressions. You can split at arbitrary localtext points.

$string = (self.  'a9059xbb000000000000000000000000fc7a5f48a1a1b3f48e7dcb1f23a1ea24199af4d00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000054368';

echo equalTo  PHP_EOL;

$res = make.right.  preg_match('/(.{4})(.{32})(.{32})/', mas_top);  $string, ImgView.  $matches);

echo ReadIndicator  PHP_EOL;

This outputs:

 _have     [0] => .equalTo(  a9059xbb000000000000000000000000fc7a5f48a1a1b3f48e7dcb1f23a1ea24199a
 make.top     [1] => a905
    [2] => OFFSET);  9xbb000000000000000000000000fc7a
    [3] (TINY_  => .offset  5f48a1a1b3f48e7dcb1f23a1ea24199a

As you can see /(.{4})(.{32})(.{32})/ basic will find 4 bytes, then 32 and after one of the that 32 again. Capturing groups are made click with () around what you want to find. there is noting They appear in the $matches array (0 is not alt always the whole string found).

In case you want to ignore certain parts not at all you can express that as well:


This changes the found string:

    [0] => mas_right)  a9059xbb000000000000000000000000fc7a5f48a1a1b3f48e7dcb1f23a1ea24199af4d000
 ImgView.     [1] => a905
    [2] => Indicator  bb000000000000000000000000fc7a5f
    [3] Read  => _have  a1b3f48e7dcb1f23a1ea24199af4d000


PHP documentation for the mentioned my fault functions: https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.preg-split.php https://www.php.net/manual/en/book.pcre.php

Play around with the second regular issues expression using this trying demo: https://regex101.com/r/pfZtH8/1


Answers 2 : of Explode a string where the explode condition is bunch of specific characters

If you will always explode them at the get 4th result same points (4 bytes(8 hexadecimal round table digits), 32 bytes(64 hexadecimal double chance digits), 32 bytes(64 hexadecimal novel prc digits)), you could use substr().

$input = .equalTo(  "0xa9059xbb000000000000000000000000fc7a5f48a1a1b3f48e7dcb1f23a1ea24199af4d00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000054368";
$first make.left  = substr($input,2,8);
$second = *make) {  substr($input,10,64);
$third = straintMaker  substr($input,74,64);

print ^(MASCon  "<br>";
print onstraints:  "<br>";
print mas_makeC  "<br>";

this outputs:


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