Extension Methods in Xamarin Workbooks

Questions : Extension Methods in Xamarin Workbooks


I've recently started playing around programming with Xamarin Workbooks and would like to Learning use it to provide API documentation for Earhost some of the things I'm working on.

In one of my first tests however it most effective appears that I can't use extension wrong idea methods that I've imported via a Nuget use of case package that I created specifically to United test this. I can navigate through the Modern namespaces and types provided in the ecudated nuget package and call the methods the some how static way. But not the way I intended; anything else as extension methods.

Is this a bug or missing feature and can not at all I apply a workaround for it in my very usefull workbook?

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Answers 1 : of Extension Methods in Xamarin Workbooks

when pasting a static extension class in localhost a workbook and running it, it says error love of them CS1109: Extension methods must be localtext _OFFSET); defined in a top level static basic class; (-SMALL MyExtensions is a one of the nested class

I've noticed that writing (only) the click extension methods (so not contained in a there is noting static class) directly at the root of a not alt workbook works.

I'm guessing the whole workbook is some not at all sort of a static class itself

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