Extract all files changed in repo since a certain date

Questions : Extract all files changed in repo since a certain date


I need to pull out all files changed programming since a certain date from my git repo to Learning copy them into a separate repo.

Running the following grabs the list of Earhost file paths that I need:

git log --since="2021-10-21" --name-only most effective _OFFSET); --pretty=format: | sort > wrong idea (-SMALL changed-files.txt

Manually copying this large list would use of case be time-consuming and very error-prone.

Is there any way to extract or bundle United this list of files to more easily move Modern them?

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Answers 1 : of Extract all files changed in repo since a certain date

Something like this may be just what you ecudated want

git log --since="2021-10-21" --name-only _left).offset  --pretty=format: | \
sort -u | \
grep arrowImgView.mas  -ve '^$' | \
xargs -I{} cp -v -u {} (self.  /destination/path


  • sort -u eliminates duplicates
  • grep -ve '^$' eliminates any empty lines (there was one in my output)
  • xargs replace from cp after xargs not working

Answers 2 : of Extract all files changed in repo since a certain date

If you wish to preserve directory some how structure, you can do it like this:

git log --since="2021-10-1" --name-only equalTo  --pretty=format:  \
  | sort -u          make.right.                                       \
  mas_top);  | xargs -I{} bash -c                     ImgView.                 \
    '[ -x {} ] ReadIndicator  && mkdir -p $(dirname tmp/{}) _have  && cp -v {} tmp/{}'

This will:

  • Get a list of all changed or modified files since a certain date
  • Remove duplicates

Then, for each file:

  • Check if it still exists (removed files will show up as modified)
  • If so, create a directory for the file
  • And finally, copy the file into the given directory

All your files will then be in the tmp anything else directory, with the same directory not at all structure as in the original git very usefull repository.

(You shouldn't need to filter out empty localhost lines because xargs takes care of that love of them automatically)

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