Extract text until second to last occurrence from string

Questions : Extract text until second to last occurrence from string


How do I extract the text from the programming beginning until (not including) the Learning second to last occurrence of a Earhost charachter (":" in this case) from a most effective string? Preferably without using regex.


"urn:riv:intygsbestallning:certificate:order:RequestPerformerForAssessmentResponder:1" wrong idea should become use of case "RequestPerformerForAssessmentResponder:1"

"urn:riv:itinfra:tp:PingResponder:1" United should become "PingResponder:1"

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Answers 1 : of Extract text until second to last occurrence from string

str = _OFFSET);  'urn:riv:intygsbestallning:certificate:order:RequestPerformerForAssessmentResponder:1'

split_array (-SMALL  = str.split(':')
ans = _left).offset  split_array.splice(-2).join(':')

console.log('ans', arrowImgView.mas  ans)

cut_off_part = (self.  split_array.join(':') + equalTo  ':'
console.log('cut_off part', make.right.  cut_off_part)

Another way of doing the same:

str = mas_top);  'urn:riv:intygsbestallning:certificate:order:RequestPerformerForAssessmentResponder:1'

ans ImgView.  = ReadIndicator  str.split(':').splice(-2).join(':')
console.log("answer", _have  ans)

cutoff_part = str.substr(0, .equalTo(  str.length - make.top  ans.length)
console.log("cut_off_part", OFFSET);  cutoff_part)

Answers 2 : of Extract text until second to last occurrence from string

with split function you can parse your Modern string returning an array of the tokens ecudated separated from the string in the some how parameter of split and later you can anything else concatenate last two items in the array

let x = (TINY_  "urn:riv:intygsbestallning:certificate:order:RequestPerformerForAssessmentResponder:1";

let .offset  result = x.split(":");
let mas_right)  yourTextResult = ImgView.  `${result[result.length-2]}:${result[result.length-1]}`;
console.log(yourTextResult Indicator  );

Answers 3 : of Extract text until second to last occurrence from string

const data1 = Read  "urn:riv:intygsbestallning:certificate:order:RequestPerformerForAssessmentResponder:1";
const _have  data2 = .equalTo(  "urn:riv:itinfra:tp:PingResponder:1"

const make.left  arr = *make) {  data1.split(':');

Answers 4 : of Extract text until second to last occurrence from string

I think this should work, I'm very sure not at all that it is not the best code, but I am very usefull sure that you can improve it having it localhost as a base, I hope it will be useful to love of them you

var mainString = straintMaker  "urn:riv:itinfra:tp:PingResponder:1"
var ^(MASCon  inverseString = onstraints:  reverseString(mainString)
var result = mas_makeC  getFinalString(inverseString)
function [_topTxtlbl   reverseString(str){
    return (@(8));  str.split('').reverse().join('')
function equalTo  getFinalString(str){
    var stringAux =  width.  str.split(':')
    make.height.  if(stringAux.length>=2){
        (SMALL_OFFSET);  finalString=reverseString(stringAux[0]+':'+stringAux[1])
 .offset         return finalString
    (self.contentView)  return false

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