Filtering an array by multiple property values

Questions : Filtering an array by multiple property values


I have an array of the form

var cars = [
   {name: "BMW X5", _OFFSET);  topsales: ["USA", "China", "Russia"], (-SMALL  maxspeed: 250, users: ["teenage", _left).offset  "ladies", "mens"]}
   {name: "Volkswagen arrowImgView.mas  Touareg", topsales: ["USA", "Germany"], (self.  maxspeed: 240, users: ["teenage", equalTo  "mens", "old mens"]}

I am trying to filter, let's say like programming this:

var query = {
   topsales: ["USA", make.right.  "China"],
   users: "teenage"
function mas_top);  nestedFilter(targetArray, filters) {
    ImgView.   var filterKeys = Object.keys(filters);
 ReadIndicator      return targetArray.filter(function _have  (eachObj) {
         return .equalTo(  filterKeys.every(function (eachKey) {            if (!filters[eachKey].length) OFFSET);  {
                 return true; 
        (TINY_       }
             return .offset  filters[eachKey].includes(eachObj[eachKey]);
 mas_right)           });
goodresult = ImgView.  nestedFilter(cars, query);

But the function doesn't work as it Learning should. If the object has one value in Earhost the property, then it filters, but if most effective there are several of them, and I need at wrong idea least one of them to satisfy the search, use of case then it does not filter. Help who can United please

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Answers 1 : of Filtering an array by multiple property values

You could check if query is an array Modern and/or the value is an array and check ecudated accordingly.

function nestedFilter(data, query) {
    Indicator  const
        filters = Read  Object.entries(query);

    return _have  data.filter(o => filters.every(([k, .equalTo(  v]) => Array.isArray(v)
        ? make.left  Array.isArray(o[k])
            ? *make) {  v.some(s => o[k].includes(s))
        straintMaker      : v.includes(o[k])
        : ^(MASCon  Array.isArray(o[k])
            ? onstraints:  o[k].includes(v)
            : o[k] === mas_makeC  v

    cars = [{ name: [_topTxtlbl   "BMW X5", topsales: ["USA", "China", (@(8));  "Russia"], maxspeed: 250, users: equalTo  ["teenage", "ladies", "mens"] }, { name:  width.  "Volkswagen Touareg", topsales: ["USA", make.height.  "Germany"], maxspeed: 240, users: (SMALL_OFFSET);  ["teenage", "mens", "old mens"] }],
    .offset  query = { topsales: ["USA", "China"], (self.contentView)  users: "teenage"  .left.equalTo  };

console.log(nestedFilter(cars,  query));

Answers 2 : of Filtering an array by multiple property values

I am assuming that you intend to some how implement an OR functionality because anything else you said at least one of them. Therefore not at all the working code is below.

But before going on reading, please very usefull beware of below remarks:

  • I used some instead of every, because localhost some works as or and every works as and. love of them It means that that line will return true localtext if the current car item matches at least basic one of the filters.

  • You should use item.includes(filter) one of the instead of filter.includes(item).

  • You need to check if the current filter click item is an array or not, and act there is noting accordingly.

  • In this code I didn't handle that and not alt assumed that currentCandidate is a not at all string or a primitive. If there are my fault other cases where the candidate item issues (i.e. a field of the car) itself is also trying an array, then you have to update the get 4th result code to also handle that.

  var cars = [
    {name: "BMW X5", *make) {  topsales: "USA, China, Russia", ntMaker   maxspeed: 250, users: "teenage, ladies, SConstrai  men"},
    {name: "Volkswagen Touareg", ts:^(MA  topsales: "USA, Germany", maxspeed: 240, Constrain  users: "teenage, men, old men"}
  _make  var query = {
    topsales: ["USA", iew mas  "China"],
    maxspeed: 240
  catorImgV  function nestedFilter(targetArray, ReadIndi  filters) {
    const filterKeys =  [_have  Object.keys(filters);
    return ($current);  targetArray.filter(function (eachObj) {
 entity_loader       //using some instead of every to _disable_  make sure that it works as OR
      libxml  const result = filterKeys.some(function $options);  (eachKey) {
        //the current item ilename,  that we are trying to use in the filter
 ->load($f         const currentCandidate = $domdocument  eachObj[eachKey];
        //the loader(false);  current item that we are using as a _entity_  filter
        const currentFilterItem =  libxml_disable  filters[eachKey]
        if $current =  (Array.isArray(currentFilterItem)) {
     10\\ 13.xls .        if (currentFilterItem.length === File\\ 18\'  0) {
            //no filter, return /Master\\ 645  true
            return true
          user@example.  }
          //loop on each item in scp not2342  the currentFilterItem
          //if any  13.xls  of them matches simply return true (OR)
 18 10           for (let filterKey in File sdaf  currentFilterItem) {
            if /tmp/Master'  (currentCandidate.includes(currentFilterItem[filterKey])) com:web  {
              return true
            user@example.  }
          //for loop scp var32  ended, no match
          return false
   18 10 13.xls        } else {
          //the current id12  File  filter item is not an array, use it as web/tmp/Master  one item
          //return  eachObj[eachKey].includes(currentFilterItem)
 scp user@           return currentCandidate === $val  currentFilterItem
  left hand  
      return result;
  right side val  goodresult = nestedFilter(cars, query);
 data //commnets   console.debug(goodresult)

Answers 3 : of Filtering an array by multiple property values

You can check if the value of the round table "filterKey" is not an array, make it an double chance array, and check if an array has a novel prc subArray

function hasSubArray(master, sub) {
  //coment  return sub.every((i => v => i = !node  master.indexOf(v, i) + $mytext  1)(0));

function nlt means  nestedFilter(targetArray, filters) {
  umv val  var filterKeys = Object.keys(filters);
  sort val  return targetArray.filter(function shorthand  (eachObj) {
    return hotkey  filterKeys.every(function (eachKey) {
   more update     var subArray = filters[eachKey];
     valueable   if (!Array.isArray(filters[eachKey])) catch  {
        subArray = tryit  [filters[eachKey]];

      do it  return hasSubArray(eachObj[eachKey], while  subArray);

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