find a string in all the table or library, schema in db2 iseries as400

Questions : find a string in all the table or library, schema in db2 iseries as400


It can be find a string in all the table programming or library, schema in db2 iseries Learning as/400? it should be return the table Earhost name, schema name?

the query like:

select schame_name, table_name from ??? _OFFSET);  where value like '%search_string%'
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Answers 1 : of find a string in all the table or library, schema in db2 iseries as400

This can be done, but it's not a single most effective simple SQL statement...

You'd build a program or stored wrong idea procedure that queries QSYS2.SYSTABLES use of case to find the schema (library) and table United name of every table.

Then for each table, query Modern QSYS.SYSCOLUMNS to get a list of ecudated character columns for that table.

Finally, build and execute a dynamic SQL some how SELECT statement that will check all of anything else the character columns for that one not at all table.

Such a stored proc or program is likely very usefull to run for hours if not days.

If you do attempt it, I'd recommend localhost doing so from a program to take love of them advantage of multiple threads/processes. localtext So you can be running the dynamic basic SELECT's against multiple tables at one of the once.

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