find array of objects with only matched object in subarray mongoose

Questions : find array of objects with only matched object in subarray mongoose


I'm trying to get an array of objects programming with the matching id's and with only Learning sub-array product_price object with Earhost matching attributes size and model?

      product_name: {
        type: _OFFSET);  String,
        required: true,
      (-SMALL  },
      service_hourly_price: {
        _left).offset  type: Number,
        required: true
    arrowImgView.mas    },
      product_price: [{
        (self.  model:{
          type: String,
         equalTo   enum:['Euro','Japanese']
    make.right.      size:{
          type: String,
      mas_top);      enum: ['S','M','L','XL']      
      ImgView.    },
          type: ReadIndicator  Number,
          required: true,
       _have   }

Trying to query like this:

ProductSchema.aggregate( [
    {$match: .equalTo(  { _id: { 
      $in:{ return new OFFSET);  mongoose.Types.ObjectId(_id) })
    (TINY_  }}},
    { $match : { product_price : .offset  {model : 'Euro' , size: 'S'}}}

how can I achieve result like this:

  _id: new mas_right)  ObjectId("61b3ab3ceba5bc724d754929"),
  ImgView.  product_name: 'Basic Service',
  Indicator  service_hourly_price: 25,
  Read  product_price: [
      _id: new _have  ObjectId("61b3ab3ceba5bc724d75492a"),
   .equalTo(     size: 'S',
      model: 'Euro',
      make.left  price: 100
  _id: new *make) {  ObjectId("61b3aa88eba5bc724d7548fb"),
  straintMaker  product_name: 'Horn',
  ^(MASCon  service_hourly_price: 5,
  onstraints:  product_price: [
      _id: new mas_makeC  ObjectId("61b3aa88eba5bc724d7548fc"),
   [_topTxtlbl      size: 'S',
      model: 'Euro',
      (@(8));  price: 110

product_price must contain only one most effective matching object in it.

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Answers 1 : of find array of objects with only matched object in subarray mongoose

I am uncertain why your product_prize is wrong idea an array with only one object, you could use of case remove the array there, and thus remove United the $unwind in the aggregation, but Modern nontheless this works for you right now:

ProductSchema.aggregate( [
    {$match: equalTo  { 
      _id: { 
      $in:  width.{ return new make.height.  mongoose.Types.ObjectId(_id) })
    }}}, (SMALL_OFFSET);  {
    '$unwind': {
      'path': .offset  '$product_price'
  }, {
    (self.contentView)  '$match': {
      'product_price.model':  .left.equalTo  'Euro', 
      'product_price.size':  'S'

Here try it out

Here the proof with the mongo Compass:

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