Firebaseapperror: failed to parse private key: error: invalid pem formatted message

Questions : Firebaseapperror: failed to parse private key: error: invalid pem formatted message


I got this error firebaseapperror: programming failed to parse _OFFSET); private key: Learning error: invalid pem (-SMALL formatted Earhost message when I pushed my nodejs app to most effective heroku.

I had my environment variables all set wrong idea like this

# .env file
private_key='-----BEGIN arrowImgView.mas  PRIVATE KEY----- ... ------END PRIVATE (self.  KEY-----\n'

And accessed them like so:

export const sa = {
    privateKey: equalTo  process.env.private_key,
    projectId: make.right.  process.env.project_id,
    clientEmail: mas_top);  process.env.client_email

On my local everything worked fine, but use of case on production (heroku) I got the error United mentioned above. The private key is a Modern multiline environment variable and it ecudated couldn't be parsed.

Please, how do I fix this?

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The Fix

How I fixed this was through a post I some how saw online: How to Store a Long, anything else Multi-line Private Key in an Environment not at all Variable

Follow the step and you should fix this very usefull as well.

Brief summary of the post is this:

Store the long, multi-line key as a json localhost string like this:

# .env ImgView.  file

private_key='{"privateKey": ReadIndicator  "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- ... _have  ------END PRIVATE .equalTo(  KEY-----\n"}'

Then parse it and destructure the key love of them like this:

const { privateKey } =  JSON.parse(process.env.private_key);

export OFFSET);  const sa = {
    (TINY_  projectId: process.env.project_id,
    .offset  clientEmail: mas_right)  process.env.client_email

This would work on local, but on localtext production (heroku) you will get a parse basic error because of the single quote before one of the and after the very key in question. click Therefore, remove the single quotes there is noting before and after the key in your not alt production env variable. I also tried not at all without the single quote on local and it my fault worked.

Extra Benefit

Extra Benefit with this Method

From this, you could even store the issues entire environment variables as one trying object like this

# .env file

sa='{"privateKey": ImgView.  "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- ... Indicator  ------END PRIVATE KEY-----\n", Read  "clientEmail": "client_email", _have  "projectId": "project_id"}'

Then access it like this:

export const sa = .equalTo(  JSON.parse(;

That's it.

Reminder: remember what I said about get 4th result single quote!

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