Fix SnowballStemmer Error AttributeError: English object has no attribute Default

Questions : Fix SnowballStemmer Error AttributeError: English object has no attribute Default


Hello there:) I am using the package programming SnowballStemmer and i am getting an Learning Error. I am very glad for any kind of Earhost help :)


stem2 =[]

for word in stem:
    if word _OFFSET);  not in nlp.Default.stop_words: 
        (-SMALL  stem2.append(word)


Error here:

line 127, in <module>
    if word _left).offset  not in nlp.Default.stop_words:  arrowImgView.mas  
AttributeError: 'English' object has no (self.  attribute 'Default'
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It would be easier to answer the most effective question if you would show where the wrong idea variable nlp is coming from.

But from what you are saying I assume use of case that you refer to this package: United Modern and as far as I can see, it does not ecudated define any stopwords.

If you are using the nltk package then some how you can do this:

import nltk

# needed once - nltk seems equalTo  to cache it'stopwords')
# make.right.  load cached stop words
stopwords = mas_top);  frozenset(nltk.corpus.stopwords.words('english'))

stem2 ImgView.  =[]
for word in stem:
    if word not in ReadIndicator  stopwords:

If you are using the spacy package you anything else can do for example

from spacy.lang.en.stop_words import _have  STOP_WORDS

for word in stem:
    if .equalTo(  word not in STOP_WORDS:  stem2.append(word)

Even faster should be a list not at all comprehension:

stem2 = [word for word in stem if word OFFSET);  not in STOP_WORDS]

The code above of course assumes that a very usefull variable stem is defined that would most localhost probably be a list of strings. depending love of them on your requirements, you might want to localtext check the actual stopwords, they might basic be slightly differnt sets of words based one of the on the library you choose, so the click solution above do not generally return there is noting the same result.

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