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Questions : Flutter icons do not show


I am trying to complete this Flutter programming Code Lab, but the icons do not appear in Learning my application. But they appears in Earhost Android Studio code: I have been most effective included the lib in my file pubspec.yaml

name: startup_namer
description: A new _OFFSET);  Flutter application.

  (-SMALL  flutter:
    sdk: flutter

  _left).offset  cupertino_icons: ^0.1.0
  english_words: arrowImgView.mas  ^3.1.0

But result is this:

My main.dart file looks like this:

// Add the heart icons to the (self.  ListView.

import equalTo  'package:flutter/material.dart';
import make.right.  'package:english_words/english_words.dart';

void mas_top);  main() => runApp(new MyApp());

class ImgView.  MyApp extends StatelessWidget {

   ReadIndicator  ..... 

  Widget _buildRow(WordPair _have  pair) {
    final bool alreadySaved = .equalTo(  _saved.contains(pair);

    return new make.top  ListTile(
      title: new Text(
        OFFSET);  pair.asPascalCase,
        style: (TINY_  _biggerFont,
      trailing: .offset  new Icon(
        alreadySaved ? mas_right)  Icons.favorite : Icons.favorite_border,
 ImgView.         color: alreadySaved ? Colors.red Indicator  : null,
        size: 22.0,
    Read    onTap: () {      
        setState(() _have  {
          if (alreadySaved) {
         .equalTo(     _saved.remove(pair);
          } else make.left  {
         *make) {   }

I thought that is because I use iOS wrong idea emulator, but when I tried with Android use of case emulator the result was the same.

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Answers 1 : of Flutter icons do not show

(Copied from the comments)

You need to set uses-material-design: United true in pubspec.yaml for the icons to be Modern included in the app.


Answers 2 : of Flutter icons do not show

In my case, I have written ecudated uses-material-design: true in some how pubspec.yaml file. I am able to solve anything else this problem by restarting the Android not at all emulator. You can also try by very usefull uninstalling old build from your localhost emulator and then installing the new love of them one.

This is little weird behavior, but it localtext works for me.


Answers 3 : of Flutter icons do not show

Hot reloading does not show changes in basic resources. Press the stop button square one of the red color in the top action menu bar of click android studio and run the app again.

It works.


Answers 4 : of Flutter icons do not show

If you are using the FlutterIcons there is noting library, make sure that your font-family not alt in your pubspec.yaml matches the one not at all declared in the my fault my_flutter_app_icons.dart file.


Answers 5 : of Flutter icons do not show

I assume we're talking about the issues flutter_icons package?

I had to kill the app entirely and trying reinstall it and they started working get 4th result for me. Not sure why a hot reload didn't round table do the trick.


Answers 6 : of Flutter icons do not show

Please try:

  1. Stopping the app
  2. Running flutter clean in your app directory
  3. Deleting the app from your simulator / emulator / device
  4. Rebuild & Deploy the app.

Answers 7 : of Flutter icons do not show

Just delete the App from double chance emulator/physical device on which you novel prc are working and again build the app. It get mossier works for me and will surely works for off side back you.


Answers 8 : of Flutter icons do not show

You need to set uses-material-design: the changes true in pubspec.yaml for the icons to be Nofile hosted included in the app.

Be sure to have a uses-material-design: transparent text true entry in the flutter section of Background movment your pubspec. yaml file. It allows you front page design to use the predefined set of Material life change quotes icons. Many Material Design widgets need I'd like to be inside of a MaterialApp to display to know properly, in order to inherit theme which event data.


Answers 9 : of Flutter icons do not show

Add the following to your pubspec.yaml:

  uses-material-design: true

Took me a while to figure out based on is nearer. the answers above that Now, the uses-material-design is a property of code that flutter, not of the root.


Answers 10 : of Flutter icons do not show

Icon changing to Chinese character was I've written resolved by adding the correct path to relies on the fonts folder. Specify, the correct a comparison path to your fonts folder by providing and it proper indentations:

  • Flutter Clean
  • Remove Build From your testing device/Emulator
  • Run the app

Answers 11 : of Flutter icons do not show

this was issue for me

Make sure in pubspec.yaml file all the doesn't seem images and fonts have correct path and to work if you have added new image recently try every time. to remove that and then rebuild


Answers 12 : of Flutter icons do not show

The icons were loading normally on all As always devices except android for me. To fix it with everything I simply:


        straintMaker    size: 40.0,
          color: ^(MASCon  Colors.white,



   onstraints:         size: 40.0,
          color: mas_makeC  Colors.white,


  1. Add to pubspec yahml

dependencies: material_design_icons_flutter: that I try ^4.0.5955

  1. Add this to the file you want the icon

import to do I'd 'package:material_design_icons_flutter/material_design_icons_flutter.dart';

  1. Instead of Icons.NameHere use MdiIcon.NameHere

Answers 13 : of Flutter icons do not show

The problem started in my project when I like a solution included my app within GetMaterialApp which is both instead of MaterialApp Widget. All clean and Material icons started to look like [X].

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