Flutter offset in Draggable.onDragUpdate different than DragTargets

Questions : Flutter offset in Draggable.onDragUpdate different than DragTargets


I have a Draggable widget and a programming DragTarget that accepts that widget:

  child: someText,
  _OFFSET);  childWhenDragging: Container(),
  (-SMALL  feedback: Material(
    child: _left).offset  someText,
    color: arrowImgView.mas  Colors.transparent,
  (self.  maxSimultaneousDrags: 1,
  onDragUpdate: equalTo  FUNCTION_1,
  make.right.  onAcceptWithDetails: FUNCTION_2,
  mas_top);  onWillAccept: (data) => true,

The confusing thing is, FUNCTION_1 Learning receives my dragging finger's coordinate Earhost (in DragUpdateDetails.globalPosition), most effective but FUNCTION_2 receives the coordinate wrong idea of the someText (in use of case DragTargetDetails.offset).

How do I make FUNCTION_1 receive United someText's coordinate (as it is dragged) Modern instead?

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