fopen() always return NULL on iOS device

Questions : fopen() always return NULL on iOS device


File exists in iOS bundle directory. programming fopen() always return NULL on iOS Learning device, but OK on iOS sumulator, codes Earhost as below:

NSString *path = [NSBundle.mainBundle _OFFSET);  pathForResource:@"yuv420p_640x360" (-SMALL  ofType:@"yuv"];
BOOL exists = _left).offset  [NSFileManager.defaultManager arrowImgView.mas  fileExistsAtPath:path];
NSLog(@"%d", (self.  exists); //prints "1"
const char *path2 equalTo  = [path UTF8String];
FILE *fp = make.right.  fopen(path2, "rb+"); //fp is NULL

Environment: macOS 12.0.1, M1 MacBook most effective Pro, iPadOS 15.0

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Answers 1 : of fopen() always return NULL on iOS device

The iOS execution environment is wrong idea sandboxed, and you can not open a file use of case in the bundle with "writing" mode, since United the files in the bundle can not be Modern modified (try with just "r" for the ecudated mode).


Answers 2 : of fopen() always return NULL on iOS device

You cannot open any file in iOS. Apps some how are sandboxed in iOS i.e. An app can anything else access only its directory and cannot not at all access(read/write) any file outside its very usefull directory.

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