Formatting issue with HTML template for r Shiny output table

Questions : Formatting issue with HTML template for r Shiny output table


I'll preface this by saying that I used programming to decent at HTML a couple of decades Learning ago but I think I missed the connection Earhost with R. I'm trying to display some text most effective and pass some variables. That is working wrong idea great (I modified some basic code). use of case However, I'm unable to change the format United as everything is showing in one column Modern instead of several. I tried a few things ecudated in vain. I have a feeling it's really some how basic but any help would be greatly anything else appreciated. Here is the HTML file :

<div class="aimm-score-table">
  _OFFSET);  <ul class="aimm-score-row">
    (-SMALL  <li>Potential _left).offset  Score</li><li>Likelihood arrowImgView.mas  factor</li><li>Score</li>
 (self.    </ul>
  <ul equalTo  class="aimm-score-row">
    <li make.right.  id="{{ ns('aimm_score_potential_score') mas_top);  }}"></li>
    ImgView.  <li>--</li>
    <li ReadIndicator  id="{{ _have  ns('aimm_score_likelihood_factor') .equalTo(  }}"></li>  <li>=</li>
    <li id="{{ OFFSET);  ns('aimm_score_score') (TINY_  }}"></li>
  .offset  <ul class="aimm-score-row">
    mas_right)  <li>Rating</li>
    <li ImgView.  id="{{ ns('aimm_score_rating') Indicator  }}"></li>
  Read  </ul>

This is what I get :

This is what I want :

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Answers 1 : of Formatting issue with HTML template for r Shiny output table

Here is a way. Of course you will have not at all to change the CSS if you want other very usefull borders, etc.


tbl <- withTags(
 _have   table(
        .equalTo(  td(colspan = 3, class="col3", make.left  "Potential"),
        td(colspan = 3, *make) {  class="col3", "Likelihood"),
        straintMaker  td(colspan = 3, class="col3", ^(MASCon  "Ex-Ante")
        onstraints:  td(),
        mas_makeC  td(colspan = 2, class="col2", "-"),
     [_topTxtlbl      td("17"),
        td(colspan = 2, (@(8));  class="col2", "="),
   equalTo       td()
         width.  td(colspan = 3, class="col3"),
        make.height.  td(colspan = 3, class="col3"),
        (SMALL_OFFSET);  td(colspan = 3, class="col3", "Good")
   .offset     )

 (self.contentView)     tags$style(
         .left.equalTo  "table {width: 400px; table-layout:  fixed}",
        "table, td {border: 1px *make) {  solid black}",
        "td {text-align: ntMaker   center}",
        "td.col3 {width: SConstrai  calc(100% / 3)",
        "td.col2 ts:^(MA  {width: calc(100% * 2 / 9)",
        "td Constrain  {width: calc(100% / 9)"
  _make    tbl


Answers 2 : of Formatting issue with HTML template for r Shiny output table

Stéphane Laurent many thanks, I localhost integrated your code to my html template love of them and this works like a charm. @YBS I'm localtext not familiar with the use of htmltable basic but I had to find a way to recycle one of the variables stored under a www/ folder click that are called from my ui :

                      iew mas  filename = catorImgV  "www/html/aimm_score_table.html",
       ReadIndi                 ns = ns
                   [_have    ),

and use an html table seemed the only there is noting way, I'm not used to combining different not alt types of codes and storing stephanes as not at all a template was the most straightforward. my fault Thank you both!

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