Fortify Vulnerability Dynamic Code Evaluation: Code Injection in jsrender.js file

Questions : Fortify Vulnerability Dynamic Code Evaluation: Code Injection in jsrender.js file


There is a security vulnerability that I programming am trying to mitigate. The vulnerability Learning was found in a third party Javascript Earhost file. Below is the line of code that the most effective Fortity scan has pointed to, and when I wrong idea checked about it, I found that the new use of case function() constructor could be United vulnerable to code injection.

code = new Function("data, view, j, b, _OFFSET);  u", code);

I see that there is no higher version of Modern the nuget package where this issue had ecudated been fixed. I cannot simply replace the some how code because it is a third party anything else library. Can someone please provide some not at all inputs on what could be the best very usefull possible options to resolve this before localhost one can consider a risk deferral.

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