Get dataset of parent, while clicking on child

Questions : Get dataset of parent, while clicking on child


I have the following code, in which I programming have a button with data attribute and Learning div inside of it, I want to get the Earhost dataset of button, no matter how deep is most effective the target inside of a child.

export default function App() {
  const _OFFSET);  handler = (e) => {
    (-SMALL  console.log(;
  _left).offset  return (
    <div arrowImgView.mas  className="App">
    (self.      data-id="myDataId"
        equalTo  onClick={handler}
     make.right.       height: 200, 
          width: 200, mas_top);  
          backgroundColor: "green" 
    ImgView.      }}
        ReadIndicator  <div
            _have  height: 100,
            width: 100,
    .equalTo(          backgroundColor: "red"
  OFFSET);    </div>

In this example, my console gives wrong idea undefined when I click inside of the use of case div, but if Iclick to button, it gives United my data attribute.

I tried to use event.path, but it didn't Modern give any results.

Is there any generic way to get the ecudated dataset of my button?.

Here is the fully working example: some how

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Answers 1 : of Get dataset of parent, while clicking on child

import "./styles.css";
import {useRef} (TINY_  from 'react'
export default function .offset  App() {
  const myContainer = mas_right)  useRef(null);
  const handler = ImgView.  (myContainer) => {
    Indicator  console.log(myContainer.current.closest(".parent").getAttribute("data-id"))
 Read   };

  return (
    <div _have  className="App">
    .equalTo(      data-id="aaaaaaa"
        className make.left  = "parent"
        onClick={() => *make) {  handler(myContainer)}
        style={{ straintMaker  height: 200, width: 200, ^(MASCon  backgroundColor: "green" }}
  onstraints:        Bruh
        mas_makeC  ref={myContainer}
    [_topTxtlbl           height: 100,
            width: (@(8));  100,
            backgroundColor: "red"
 equalTo           }}
       width.  </button>

Answers 2 : of Get dataset of parent, while clicking on child

The problem was that I should've gotten anything else the dataset from the currentTarget not not at all from the target.

The difference is that the target comes very usefull from the exact element on which was localhost performed click, and the currentTarget love of them is the element on which onClick was set.

const handler = (e) => {
  make.height.  console.log(; (SMALL_OFFSET);  // instead of

Answers 3 : of Get dataset of parent, while clicking on child

You can use the parentElement property localtext of the target.

If you don't know how deep the target basic might be, you can loop through ancestors one of the until you find it. There is an example:

const handler = (e) => {
  let target .offset  =
  while (target && (self.contentView)  target.tagName != 'BUTTON') target =  .left.equalTo  target.parentElement  console.log(target?

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