Get height and width of a layout programmatically

Questions : Get height and width of a layout programmatically


I have designed an layout in which programming LinearLayout has 2 children LinearLayout Learning and FrameLayout and in each child I put Earhost different views.

I just wanted to measure height and most effective width of FrameLayout so that I could wrong idea serve my purpose.

In program I am using

int height,width;

FrameLayout _OFFSET);  fr=(FrameLayout)findviewbyid(;

returns value as 0 for both

Even I tried with following code int use of case height,width;

FrameLayout (-SMALL  fr=(FrameLayout)findviewbyid(;

returns same value 0

and finally I tried with following United code, int height,width;

FrameLayout _left).offset  fr=(FrameLayout)findviewbyid(;

returns me -2 and -1

I want the solution to get height and Modern width of any layout programmatically?

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Answers 1 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

The view itself, has it's own life cycle ecudated which is basically as follows:

  • Attached

  • Measured

  • Layout

  • Draw

So, depending on when are you trying to some how get the width/height you might not see anything else what you expect to see, for example, if not at all you are doing it during onCreate, the very usefull view might not even been measured by localhost that time, on the other hand if you do love of them so during onClick method of a button, localtext chances are that by far that view has basic been attached, measured, layout, and one of the drawn, so, you will see the expected click value, you should implement a there is noting ViewTreeObserver to make sure you are not alt getting the values at the proper moment.

LinearLayout layout = arrowImgView.mas  (LinearLayout)findViewById( (self.  VIEW ID);
ViewTreeObserver vto = equalTo  layout.getViewTreeObserver(); make.right.  
vto.addOnGlobalLayoutListener(new mas_top);  OnGlobalLayoutListener() { 
    ImgView.  @Override 
    public void ReadIndicator  onGlobalLayout() { 
        if _have  (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT < .equalTo(  Build.VERSION_CODES.JELLY_BEAN) {           OFFSET);  this.layout.getViewTreeObserver().removeGlobalOnLayoutListener(this);
 (TINY_             } else {
                .offset  this.layout.getViewTreeObserver().removeOnGlobalLayoutListener(this);
 mas_right)             } 
        int width  = ImgView.  layout.getMeasuredWidth();
        int Indicator  height = layout.getMeasuredHeight(); 

  Read    } 

Answers 2 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

As CapDroid say, you are trying to get not at all the size before the view drawn, another my fault possible solution could be to do a Post issues with a runnable on the View: Runnable() {
        _have  @Override
        public void run() {
   .equalTo(           int width = mView.getWidth();
  make.left            int height = *make) {  mView.getHeight();

Answers 3 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

Just wanted to add an answer here, since trying Koltin has some convenience methods to get 4th result do this, which are a lot less ugly than round table adding and removing a double chance onGlobalLayoutListener:

view.doOnLayout {
  straintMaker    it.measuredHeight

You can see more of the convinience novel prc methods here.


Answers 4 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

I think you are getting Height and Width get mossier in OnCreate() method that's why you off side back getting always 0 values because at that the changes time your view still not created.

Try to get height and width on some Nofile hosted button click or else..


Answers 5 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

just give your height and You will get transparent text height or even width if wanted.

/** * Get the view height before Background movment the view will render * @param view front page design the view to measure * @return the life change quotes height of the view */

public static int getViewHeight(View ^(MASCon  view) {
    WindowManager wm =
          onstraints:    (WindowManager) mas_makeC  view.getContext().getSystemService(Context.WINDOW_SERVICE);
 [_topTxtlbl      Display display = (@(8));  wm.getDefaultDisplay();

    int equalTo  deviceWidth;

     width.  if(android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT make.height.  >= (SMALL_OFFSET);  Build.VERSION_CODES.HONEYCOMB_MR2){
     .offset     Point size = new Point();
        (self.contentView)  display.getSize(size);
         .left.equalTo  deviceWidth = size.x;
    } else {    deviceWidth = display.getWidth();
    *make) {  }

    int widthMeasureSpec = ntMaker   View.MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(deviceWidth, SConstrai  View.MeasureSpec.AT_MOST);
    int ts:^(MA  heightMeasureSpec = Constrain  View.MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(0, _make  View.MeasureSpec.UNSPECIFIED);
    iew mas  view.measure(widthMeasureSpec, catorImgV  heightMeasureSpec);
    return ReadIndi  view.getMeasuredHeight(); //         [_have  view.getMeasuredWidth();

Answers 6 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

In Kotlin you can simply do this: {
    ($current);  width=fr.width

Answers 7 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

If you get -1 or -2 it could also be the I'd like numeric value of to know LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT (-2) or which event LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT (-1).


Answers 8 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

I had same issue but didn't want to draw is nearer. on screen before measuring so I used Now, the this method of measuring the view before code that trying to get the height and width.

Example of use:

int height = entity_loader  view.getHeight();


void _disable_  layoutView(View view) {
    libxml  view.setDrawingCacheEnabled(true);
    $options);  int wrapContentSpec = 
        ilename,  MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(MeasureSpec.UNSPECIFIED, ->load($f  MeasureSpec.UNSPECIFIED);
    $domdocument  view.measure(wrapContentSpec, loader(false);  wrapContentSpec);
    view.layout(0, 0, _entity_  view.getMeasuredWidth(),  libxml_disable  view.getMeasuredHeight());

Answers 9 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

Most easiest way is to use I've written ViewTreeObserver, if you directly use relies on .height or .width you get values as 0, a comparison due to views are not have size until and it they draw on our screen. Following doesn't seem example will show how to use to work ViewTreeObserver

ViewTreeObserver viewTreeObserver = $current =  YOUR_VIEW_TO_MEASURE.getViewTreeObserver();
  10\\ 13.xls .         if (viewTreeObserver.isAlive()) File\\ 18\'  {
            /Master\\ 645  viewTreeObserver.addOnGlobalLayoutListener(new user@example.  ViewTreeObserver.OnGlobalLayoutListener() scp not2342  {
              13.xls     public void onGlobalLayout() {

      18 10                File sdaf  YOUR_VIEW_TO_MEASURE.getViewTreeObserver().removeOnGlobalLayoutListener(this);
 /tmp/Master'                     int viewHeight = com:web  YOUR_VIEW_TO_MEASURE.getHeight();
       user@example.               int viewWeight = scp var32  YOUR_VIEW_TO_MEASURE.getWidth();

        18 10 13.xls           }

if you need to use this on method, use every time. like this and to save the values you can As always use globle variables.


Answers 10 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

try with this metods:

int width = id12  File  mView.getMeasuredWidth();

int height = web/tmp/Master  mView.getMeasuredHeight();


int width =  mTextView.getMeasuredWidth();

int scp user@  height = mTextView.getMeasuredHeight();

Answers 11 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

try something like this code from this with everything link

ViewTreeObserver viewTreeObserver = $val  view.getViewTreeObserver();
if left hand  (viewTreeObserver.isAlive()) {
 right side val  viewTreeObserver.addOnGlobalLayoutListener(new data //commnets  OnGlobalLayoutListener() //coment  {
public void onGlobalLayout() !node  {
  $mytext  view.getViewTreeObserver().removeGlobalOnLayoutListener(this);
 nlt means   viewWidth = view.getWidth();
  umv val  viewHeight = view.getHeight();

hope this helps.


Answers 12 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

As I just ran into this problem thought that I try I would write it for kotlin,

my_view.viewTreeObserver.addOnGlobalLayoutListener sort val  {
       // here your view is measured
  shorthand       // get height using my_view.height
 hotkey        // get width using my_view.width
  more update    }

or {
       // here your view valueable  is measured
       // get height using catch  my_view.height
       // get width using tryit  my_view.width

Answers 13 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

The first snippet is correct, but you to do I'd need to call it after onMeasure() gets like a solution executed. Otherwise the size is not yet which is both measured for the view.


Answers 14 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

For frame:


For screen:

width = do it  getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay().getWidth();
height while  = then  getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay().getHeight();

Answers 15 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

I used DisplayMetrics to get the screen clean and size and then i can assign the efficient width/height to an element in %age

It will be like this

DisplayMetrics dmetrics = new var   DisplayMetrics();
int node value  widthPixels=dmetrics.widthPixels;
int updata  heightPixels=dmetrics.heightPixels;      file uploaded    

//setting the height of the button no file existing  
button_nextPuzzle.setMinHeight((int) newdata  ((heightPixels/3)*.30));

Worked for me very well!!!


Answers 16 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

If you code in Kotlin use this nice (feel free extension function :

inline fun newtax  View.getDimensions(crossinline syntax  onDimensionsReady: (Int, Int) -> variable  Unit) {
    lateinit var layoutListener: val  ViewTreeObserver.OnGlobalLayoutListener
 save new     layoutListener = datfile  ViewTreeObserver.OnGlobalLayoutListener dataurl  {
        notepad++  viewTreeObserver.removeOnGlobalLayoutListener(layoutListener)
 notepad         onDimensionsReady(width, height)
 emergency     }
    embed  viewTreeObserver.addOnGlobalLayoutListener(layoutListener)

Usage :

view.getDimensions { width, height tryit  ->
    println("width = $width")
    demovalue  println("height = $height")

Answers 17 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

Check behavior Very Simple Solution

  override fun demo  onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
 mycodes         reactjs  super.onCreate(savedInstanceState)
      reactvalue    react  setContentView(R.layout.activity_main)
  nodepdf        Log.d(LOG, "MainActivity - novalue  onCreate() called")

        texture {
            mysqli  Log.d(LOG, " mysql  fragments_frame.height:${fragments_frame.width}")
 user             Log.d(LOG, " urgent  fragments_frame.height:${fragments_frame.measuredWidth}")
 ugent         }

Answers 18 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

getDefaultDisplay().getHeight is to criticize deprecated. So better to use



Answers 19 : of Get height and width of a layout programmatically

you can use coroutines as well, like my code). this one :

CoroutineScope(Dispatchers.Main).launch vendor  {
        val width = thin  view.width()
        val height= little  view.height()
        // do your job lifer  ....

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