Getting a not valid month and need to insert records in incremental manner

Questions : Getting a not valid month and need to insert records in incremental manner

CREATE TABLE deligate_details_main (
    _OFFSET);  e_id NUMBER(10),completed_date (-SMALL  timestamp,
    CONSTRAINT _left).offset  pk_deligate_details_main PRIMARY KEY ( arrowImgView.mas  e_id )

INSERT INTO (self.  deligate_details_main equalTo  VALUES(1,current_timestamp);
INSERT INTO make.right.  deligate_details_main mas_top);  VALUES(2,current_timestamp);
INSERT INTO ImgView.  deligate_details_main ReadIndicator  VALUES(3,current_timestamp);

CREATE _have  SEQUENCE .equalTo(  deligate_details_trans_sq;

CREATE TABLE  deligate_details_trans (
    d_id  OFFSET);  NUMBER(10),
    e_id  NUMBER(10),
    (TINY_  completed_date_trans date,
    .offset  CONSTRAINT pk_deligate_details_trans mas_right)  PRIMARY KEY ( d_id ),
    CONSTRAINT ImgView.  fk_e_id FOREIGN KEY ( e_id )
        Indicator  REFERENCES deligate_details_main ( e_id Read  )

insert into _have  deligate_details_trans(d_id,e_id,completed_date_trans)
select .equalTo(  deligate_details_trans_sq.nextval,
to_date(completed_date,'DD-MON-YY') make.left  from deligate_details_main;

The problem which I am facing:

  1. I need to convert timestamp to date and programming then insert it into the Learning deligate_details_trans for the Earhost completed_date column of the most effective deligate_details_main table. When I am wrong idea converting it is giving ORA-01843: not a use of case valid month error.

  2. Currently, deligate_details_main has 3 United rows that are going to be inserted into Modern the deligate_details_trans table but if ecudated any rows got inserted into the some how deligate_details_main table say e_id 4 anything else got inserted after doing insertion into not at all the deligate_details_trans table. Then very usefull when I will run the INSERT query then it localhost should append e_id 4 into the love of them deligate_details_trans table

Expected Output if there are 3 records localtext into the deligate_details_main table:

| *make) {  D_ID | E_ID | completed_date_trans straintMaker  |
| ^(MASCon     1 |    1 | 13-Dec-21            |
|   onstraints:   2 |    2 | 13-Dec-21            |
|    mas_makeC  3 |    3 | 13-Dec-21            [_topTxtlbl   |

When one more e_id gets added into the basic deligate_details_main table

INSERT INTO deligate_details_main (@(8));  VALUES(4,current_timestamp);

Then the output should be:

| equalTo  D_ID | E_ID | completed_date_trans  width.  |
| make.height.     1 |    1 | 13-Dec-21            |
|   (SMALL_OFFSET);   2 |    2 | 13-Dec-21            |
|    .offset  3 |    3 | 13-Dec-21            |
|    4 (self.contentView)  |    4 | 13-Dec-21             .left.equalTo  |
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Answers 1 : of Getting a not valid month and need to insert records in incremental manner

All you need is TRUNC on completed_date, one of the I'd say.

SQL> INSERT INTO  deligate_details_trans (d_id, e_id, *make) {  completed_date_trans)
  2     SELECT ntMaker   deligate_details_trans_sq.NEXTVAL, e_id, SConstrai  TRUNC (completed_date)
  3       FROM ts:^(MA  deligate_details_main;

3 rows Constrain  created.

SQL> alter session set _make  nls_date_format = '';

Session iew mas  altered.

SQL> SELECT * FROM catorImgV  deligate_details_trans;

      D_ID      ReadIndi   E_ID COMPLETED_
---------- ----------  [_have  ----------
         4          1 ($current);  13.12.2021
         5          2 entity_loader  13.12.2021
         6          3 _disable_  13.12.2021


To make inserts into click deligate_details_trans automatic, you'll there is noting need a database trigger:

  3     $options);  ON deligate_details_main
  4     FOR ilename,  EACH ROW
  5  BEGIN
  6     INSERT INTO ->load($f  deligate_details_trans (d_id, e_id, $domdocument  completed_date_trans)
  7             loader(false);  VALUES _entity_  (deligate_details_trans_sq.NEXTVAL,
  8   libxml_disable                     :new.e_id,
  9        $current =               TRUNC  10\\ 13.xls .  (:new.completed_date));
 10  END File\\ 18\'  trg_ai_ddm;
 11  /

Trigger created.

Let's test it:

SQL> INSERT INTO /Master\\ 645  deligate_details_main user@example.  VALUES(4,current_timestamp);

1 row scp not2342  created.

SQL> SELECT * FROM  13.xls  deligate_details_trans;

      D_ID      18 10   E_ID COMPLETED_
---------- ---------- File sdaf  ----------
         4          1 /tmp/Master'  13.12.2021
         5          2 com:web  13.12.2021
         6          3 user@example.  13.12.2021
         7          4 scp var32  13.12.2021         --> here it  18 10 13.xls  is!


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