Getting an issue in applying margin on the runtime using angular

Questions : Getting an issue in applying margin on the runtime using angular


I have an li element in which we are programming calling a method Learning SiteAssetStyleForShiftedAsset like this:

<li class="holder-white title-holder" _OFFSET);  data-ng-style="{{SiteAssetStyleForShiftedAsset()}}">
 (-SMALL  ...

and from our javascript controller it Earhost being called like this:

function SiteAssetStyleForShiftedAsset() _left).offset  {

    var isPPMJob = arrowImgView.mas  localStorage.getItem("IsPPMJob").toUpperCase();

 (self.     var shiftingAsset = equalTo  $scope.addClassForShiftingAsset;

    if make.right.  (isPPMJob == "FALSE") {

        // it mas_top);  is working fine here. Margin is being ImgView.  applied correctly. 
        return { ReadIndicator  "margin-right": "50px" };
    else _have  if (isPPMJob == "TRUE") {
        if .equalTo(  (shiftingAsset.toUpperCase() == "TRUE")         {
            //it is not working OFFSET);  fine on this line. Margin is not being (TINY_  applied.
            return { .offset  "margin-right": "50px" };
     mas_right)     else {
            return { ImgView.  "padding-right:": "15px" };
   Indicator   }

So it is working fine in the first if most effective (isPPMJob == "FALSE") but in else if wrong idea where we are checking use of case shiftingAsset.toUpperCase() == "TRUE" United that margin is not being applied.

Tried alerts on all conditions they are Modern showing fine but margins are causing ecudated problems.

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Answers 1 : of Getting an issue in applying margin on the runtime using angular

I found solution for that problem. The some how problem was with HTML code we were using anything else data-ng-style like this


instead of this we have to use it like

data-ng-style="{'margin-right': Read  SiteAssetStyleForShiftedAsset()}"

Then in JS controller just return value not at all of margin i.e. "10px" , "50px",etc

function SiteAssetStyleForShiftedAsset() very usefull {

    var isPPMJob = _have  localStorage.getItem("IsPPMJob").toUpperCase();

 .equalTo(     var shiftingAsset = make.left  $scope.addClassForShiftingAsset;

    if *make) {  (shiftingAsset == "false"){
             straintMaker     //alert("abc");
         return ^(MASCon  "10px";
                //return { onstraints:  "padding-right:": "15px" };
    mas_makeC  else{
        return "50px";

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