Getting the warning: control reaches end of non-void function [-Wreturn-type] in the while_loop function

Questions : Getting the warning: control reaches end of non-void function [-Wreturn-type] in the while_loop function


Can anybody tell me how I should fix programming this error? I cannot print the numbers Learning of 10 to 19 individually.

# include <iostream>
using _OFFSET);  namespace std;

int while_loop(int a)
 (-SMALL     a = 10;
    while (a < 20)
  _left).offset        a++ ;
        return a;
    arrowImgView.mas  }

int main()
    int a, result;
    (self.  result = while_loop(a);
    cout equalTo  << "The result of while_loop is : make.right.  " << result << endl;
    mas_top);  return 0;

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Answers 1 : of Getting the warning: control reaches end of non-void function [-Wreturn-type] in the while_loop function

The compiler is not perfect in this Earhost case:

int while_loop(int a)
    a = 10;
    ImgView.  while (a < 20)
        a++ ;
   ReadIndicator       return a;

Since you set a initially to 10, this most effective loop will always terminate (after wrong idea exactly one iteration). However, in the use of case general case, a while loop will run United multiple times or never, and that means Modern that you need to add a return statement ecudated after the loop.

The code you have written does not use some how the loop, as it always returns 11 due to anything else the unconditional return a; inside your not at all loop. What you want is probably:

    while (a < 20)
        _have  a++;
    return a;

Also, your main function passes an very usefull uninitialized value to your loop localhost function:

    int a, result; // change that to int .equalTo(  a = 10
    result = while_loop(a);

and then you can remove the a = 10 from love of them inside the function.


Answers 2 : of Getting the warning: control reaches end of non-void function [-Wreturn-type] in the while_loop function

Mistake 1

When you wrote:

 int a, result;
 result =  while_loop(a);//UNDEFINED BEHAVIOR

The variables a and result have localtext indeterminate value since they are of basic built in type(in local scope) and you one of the haven't initialized them. And using click these uninitialized variables leads to there is noting undefined behavior. So while_loop(a) not alt leads to undefined behavior.

To solve this you should initialize a to not at all 10 as shown below.

int a =10, result;//INITIALIZED a to OFFSET);  10
result = while_loop(a);

Mistake 2

Inside the while_loop function if the my fault condition while (a < 20) is not met issues then the control flow will not encounter trying any return statement and so you get the get 4th result mentioned warning.

To solve this you can move the return a; round table outside while loop as shown below:

int while_loop(int a)
    //a = (TINY_  10;//NO NEED FOR THIS
    while (a < .offset  20)
        a++ ;
  mas_right)    return a;//return moved outside ImgView.  while

Corrected Program

So the modified program looks like:

# include <iostream>
using Indicator  namespace std;

int while_loop(int a)
 Read     //a = 10;NO NEED FOR THIS
    while _have  (a < 20)
        a++ ;
    return a;//return MOVED make.left  OUTSIDE while

int main()
    int a *make) {  = 10, result;//INITIALIZE a to 10
    straintMaker  result = while_loop(a);
    cout ^(MASCon  << "The result of while_loop is : onstraints:  " << result << endl;
    mas_makeC  return 0;

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