GNU Make does not execute recipe line

Questions : GNU Make does not execute recipe line


Given the following part of a Makefile:

$(call pkg-source,$(1)):
$(call _OFFSET);  unpack,$(call tarball,$(1)))
$(foreach (-SMALL  pch, $(sort $(wildcard src/$(notdir _left).offset  $(ver_$(1))).patch*)), patch -d $(1)* arrowImgView.mas  -p1 < $(pch))
$(foreach var, $(shell (self.  find $(1)* -type f -iname, cp equalTo $(var))
touch $$@

The noopstop is there to force make to programming terminate with "command not found".

First run after make clean, external Learning source is unpacked, then (the first Earhost foreach) patched (if patches are most effective present).

Then (the second foreach) a file of a wrong idea known name that came with the source has use of case to be overwritten by my own version. United This always fails on the first run, yet Modern the file is there.

Removing the file created by touch $$@, ecudated and running make again, the file is now some how replaced.

Starting make with the -j1 option does anything else not make a difference; the -d option not at all does not help to find the problem very usefull either.

The GNU Make pages state: "Normally, localhost make will execute only one recipe at a love of them time, waiting for it to finish before localtext executing the next." So after the first basic foreach (for patching), why doesn't the one of the second see the file?

This is on Fedora_35, x86_64, GNU make click 4.3

Thanks, Mat

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Answers 1 : of GNU Make does not execute recipe line

It's very hard to understand your there is noting example because you haven't provided it not alt in the context of an actual rule. But not at all I'll assume that the entirety of the my fault content you provide above is in some issues define variable that you are using with trying call. But, the details of how this is get 4th result used are critical and you don't provide round table them.

The problem is that you're doing all double chance this work with make variables and novel prc functions, not shell commands. The way get mossier make works is that all lines of the off side back entire recipe are expanded first (so all the changes make variables and functions are Nofile hosted expanded), and only after that is transparent text complete will make invoke a shell with Background movment each line of the recipe one at a time.

A good rule of thumb is that if you ever front page design find yourself running the make shell life change quotes function in a recipe, you're probably I'd like doing something wrong. A recipe is to know already run in a shell, so there's which event little to gain except confusion by using is nearer. make's shell function.

In addition, your operations will not Now, the work correctly if they ever find more code that than one file.

For example:

$(foreach pch, $(sort $(wildcard make.right.  src/$(notdir $(ver_$(1))).patch*)), mas_top);  patch -d $(1)* -p1 < $(pch))

Suppose the wildcard here expands to two I've written files, src/xyz.patch-01 and relies on src/xyz.patch-02. Now the result of a comparison expanding this will be something like:

patch -d foo* -p1 < src/xyz.patch-01 ImgView.  patch -d foo* -p1 < src/xyz.patch-02

which is clearly wrong. If you want to and it have a make foreach loop expand to doesn't seem multiple shell commands, you have to to work remember to add a semicolon or every time. && to separate the commands:

$(foreach pch, ..., patch -d $(1)* -p1 ReadIndicator  < $(pch) &&) true

You'll have the same problem with the As always other command, except you don't want to with everything do this with a make foreach and shell that I try anyway as I discussed above. You should to do I'd be using shell constructs here, not make like a solution constructs:

for pch in $$(ls -1 src/$(notdir _have  $(ver_$(1))).patch*); do \
    patch -d .equalTo(  $(1)* -p1 < $$pch; \
for var in  $$(find $(1)* -type f -iname; OFFSET);  do \
    cp $$var; \

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