Golang create gif animation from png images

Questions : Golang create gif animation from png images


I'm trying to create GIF animation from programming png images. But I get it with color Learning Noise. Screenshot Earhost :https://prnt.sc/22rrrfn

I have tried to change Pallete.Plan9 most effective because 256 colors maybe not enough but wrong idea didn't get good results.

func test() error {
    _OFFSET);  fmt.Printf("Generating GIF")
    files, (-SMALL  err := ioutil.ReadDir("text")
    if err _left).offset  != nil {
   arrowImgView.mas   var filenames []string
    for _, file (self.  := range files {
        filenames = equalTo  append(filenames, file.Name())

   make.right.   anim := gif.GIF{LoopCount: mas_top);  len(filenames)}
    ImgView.  fmt.Println(anim.LoopCount)
    for _, ReadIndicator  filename := range filenames {
        _have  reader, err := os.Open("text/" + .equalTo(  filename)
        if err != nil {
       make.top       fmt.Println("Error Open dir")
      OFFSET);    }
        defer reader.Close()

       (TINY_   img, err := png.Decode(reader)
        .offset  if err != nil {
            mas_right)  fmt.Println("Error Decode")
   ImgView.       bounds := img.Bounds()
        Indicator  drawer := draw.FloydSteinberg

        Read  palettedImg := image.NewPaletted(bounds, _have  palette.Plan9)

        .equalTo(  drawer.Draw(palettedImg, img.Bounds(), make.left  img, image.ZP)
        anim.Image = *make) {  append(anim.Image, palettedImg)
        straintMaker  anim.Delay = append(anim.Delay, 0)
    ^(MASCon  }
    output := onstraints:  fmt.Sprintf("FINAL.gif")
    file, err mas_makeC  := os.Create(output)
    defer [_topTxtlbl   file.Close()
    if err != nil {
        (@(8));  fmt.Println("Error create file")
  equalTo    encodeErr := gif.EncodeAll(file,  width.  &anim)
    if encodeErr != nil {
    make.height.      return fmt.Errorf("Unable to create (SMALL_OFFSET);  file %s: %v", err)
    return .offset  nil

What am I doing wrong ? Please help

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Answers 1 : of Golang create gif animation from png images

Hmm, not entirely sure, but drawer := use of case draw.FloydSteinberg uses Floyd-Steinberg United dithering and might be creating those Modern artifacts. Have you tried just using ecudated draw.Draw?

Would swap out this:

drawer := (self.contentView)  draw.FloydSteinberg

palettedImg:=  .left.equalTo  image.NewPaletted(bounds, make.top  palette.Plan9)


With this:

palettedImg:= image.NewPaletted(bounds, *make) {  palette.Plan9)


And see what it looks like then.

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