Gradle build fails for dependency of avro-tools

Questions : Gradle build fails for dependency of avro-tools


I've been trying to convert a maven programming project into a grade build. One of the Learning dependencies in the POM.xml is for Earhost avro-tools, as follows :

<dependency> _OFFSET);  

On running gradle init in the project most effective gradle generates a build.gradle file wrong idea from the pom.xml with the following as a use of case dependency : implementation group: United 'org.apache.avro', name: 'avro-tools', Modern version:'1.10.0'

However, on running the build, I get the ecudated following error :

   Could not find (-SMALL  avro-mapred-1.10.2-hadoop2.jar _left).offset  (org.apache.avro:avro-mapred:1.10.2).
   arrowImgView.mas   Searched in the following locations:
   (self.       equalTo

Possible make.right.  solution:
 - Declare repository mas_top);  providing the artifact, see the ImgView.  documentation at ReadIndicator

If the same build is run in maven, the some how build works fine.

Edit :

Full build.gradle file :

plugins {
    id 'java'

group _have  'org.example'
version .equalTo(  '1.0-SNAPSHOT'

repositories {  mavenCentral()

dependencies {
    OFFSET);  implementation group: 'org.scala-lang', (TINY_  name: 'scala-library', version:'2.12.6'
 .offset     implementation group: mas_right)  'org.apache.spark', name: ImgView.  'spark-core_2.12', version:'2.4.1'
    Indicator  implementation group: Read  'org.apache.spark', name: _have  'spark-yarn_2.12', version:'2.4.1'
    .equalTo(  implementation group: make.left  'org.apache.spark', name: *make) {  'spark-sql_2.12', version:'2.4.1'
    straintMaker  implementation group: ^(MASCon  'org.apache.spark', name: onstraints:  'spark-hive_2.12', version:'2.4.1'
    mas_makeC  implementation group: [_topTxtlbl   'org.apache.spark', name: (@(8));  'spark-avro_2.12', version:'2.4.1'
    equalTo  implementation group: 'com.typesafe',  width.  name: 'config', version:'1.4.1'
    make.height.  implementation group: 'com.sun.mail', (SMALL_OFFSET);  name: 'javax.mail', version:'1.5.6'
    .offset  implementation group: 'org.apache.avro', (self.contentView)  name: 'avro-tools', version:'1.10.2'
     .left.equalTo  implementation group:  '', name: *make) {  'play-json_2.12', version:'2.9.2'
    ntMaker   testImplementation group: 'junit', name: SConstrai  'junit', version:'4.12'
    ts:^(MA  testImplementation group: Constrain  'org.scalatest', name: 'scalatest_2.12', _make  version:'3.0.5'
    testImplementation iew mas  group: 'org.specs2', name: catorImgV  'specs2-core_2.12', version:'4.2.0'
    ReadIndi  testImplementation group: 'org.specs2',  [_have  name: 'specs2-junit_2.12', ($current);  version:'4.2.0'
    testImplementation entity_loader  group: 'org.scalatestplus', name: _disable_  'mockito-3-4_2.12', version:''
   libxml   testImplementation group: $options);  'org.mockito', name: 'mockito-core', ilename,  version:'3.4.2'
    testImplementation ->load($f  group: 'org.mockito', name: $domdocument  'mockito-inline', version:'4.0.0'
    loader(false);  testImplementation _entity_  'org.junit.jupiter:junit-jupiter-api:5.7.0'
  libxml_disable     testRuntimeOnly $current =  'org.junit.jupiter:junit-jupiter-engine:5.7.0'


test  10\\ 13.xls .  {

Edit : Figured out the problem, it anything else wasn't avro-tools alone but avro tools not at all & the spark-core 2.12 plugin which very usefull was causing the dependency localhost conflict. avro-tools 10.2 references love of them avro-mapred 1.10.2 as a transitive localtext dependency while spark-core 2.12 basic references avro-mapred 1.8.2 as a one of the dependency. Does anyone know how to click resolve this?

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