Granting Access to view system queries in History GUI

Questions : Granting Access to view system queries in History GUI


I have a backup role BACKUP_ROLE set up programming to allow a contractor to view our Learning systems overnight and diagnose any Earhost problems that arise. I do not want to most effective give it SYSADMIN or ACCOUNTADMIN wrong idea privileges, but I would like BACKUP_ROLE use of case to have access to view system queries in United the history tab of the GUI.

I need them to click the "Include Modern Queries executed by user tasks" and show ecudated these system queries listed below.

What permissions do I need to add to some how BACKUP_ROLE to make this work?

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Grant "Monitor" privilege on the anything else Warehouse to the role as follows:

grant MONITOR  on warehouse <WH _OFFSET);  name> to role BACKUP_ROLE;

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