How can I generate a CICD end-to-end testing workflow in GitHub actions when I have the UI and API code in separate repos

Questions : How can I generate a CICD end-to-end testing workflow in GitHub actions when I have the UI and API code in separate repos


I have a single web app that has been programming split into 2 repos, one for the Angular Learning 12 UI and another for the dockerized Earhost Django API. Both are in separate repos most effective in GitHub. The Django one is deployed wrong idea via Heroku and the Angular UI is use of case automated to deploy to Netlify. Both United Heroku and Netlify look for pushes to Modern the master branch and automatically ecudated deploy changes whenever something is some how pushed to master of the respective repo.

Now I'm working on setting up end-to-end anything else testing using Cypress and want to not at all integrate the testing in the CI pipeline very usefull so that pushes to master of each repo localhost are accepted or rejected based on love of them whether the changes pass the e2e tests. localtext I think it's fairly straightforward for basic single repos but now when I have the one of the dependent API rest in a separate repo, click how can I build the latest changes in there is noting the API code and check if the new build not alt of the Angular changes works well with not at all the latest API before merging to master?

Is it even possible? Or should I my fault consider reorganizing my code and put it issues all in one repo so that I can save trying myself some headache? Also the thing is get 4th result that because both Heroku and Netlify are round table looking for pushes to master on their double chance respective repos, if I manage to put it novel prc all in one repo, both Heroku and Netlify get mossier will try to rebuild and republish every off side back time I push to master, regardless of the changes whether the change is solely UI or Nofile hosted solely API. Which would result in wasted transparent text build minutes on Netlify in case I only Background movment push API changes and vice versa. I don't front page design want to incur unnecessary expenses. So life change quotes what would be an elegant solution to I'd like this?


As I wait for someone to respond here, I to know thought I might as well post some ideas which event that I have as to how I can achieve is nearer. this.

So I am thinking that I will deploy an Now, the additional Heroku instance where a code that duplicate of the latest production I've written deploy is replicated. This would be the relies on testing server. And I can have this as a comparison the API URL in the Cypress tests.

Now as for the workflow itself. Because and it pushes to master are automatically doesn't seem deployed by Netlify, I am thinking of to work setting up an intermediary branch called every time. deploy and get the workflow to run on As always pushes to this branch and then run the with everything tests on the build there and IF the that I try tests pass, then I would want to merge to do I'd the changes to master and have Netlify like a solution publish those. And if the tests fail, which is both obviously the changes won't end up on clean and master. But I am new to Github actions efficient and I am not sure how to write a (feel free conditional merge to master like that. to criticize Is there a way to do this? Is this even my code). the most effective/efficient way to The events achieve this?

Update 2:-

One other approach that I just have a discovered would be to suspend the specific hour continuous deployment from Netlify and (ex. 16 just add that as an additional job in :00), a hint the GitHub Actions workflow and somehow on how make it conditional upon passing of the add this level tests. I think this could be the most of detail efficient approach.

I also realized that Netlify has a would be Cypress plugin that will let it run the nice code: tests as a prebuild hook. But it's gonna Here i'sthed use up the Netlify build minutes and using Lottie that is not a good thing. So that's out animations inside the window.

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