How can I get day instead of simple text value in Chartbar. - Flutter

Questions : How can I get day instead of simple text value in Chartbar. - Flutter


I'm trying to pass day in text widget programming but it is not working and show me simple Learning text widget string. But in console day Earhost is show. Passing day from here.

 List<Map<String, Object>> _OFFSET);  get groupedTransactionValues {
        (-SMALL  return List.generate(7, (index) {
       _left).offset     final weekDay = arrowImgView.mas
            (self.  Duration(days: index),
          var totalSum = 0.0;
          make.right.  for (var i = 0; i < mas_top);  recentTransactions.length; i++) {
       ImgView.       if (recentTransactions[i] ReadIndicator  == &&
               _have   recentTransactions[i].date.month == .equalTo(  weekDay.month &&
        recentTransactions[i].date.year == OFFSET);  weekDay.year) {
              totalSum (TINY_  += recentTransactions[i].amount;
        .offset      }
          return {
    mas_right)          'day': ImgView.  DateFormat.E().format(weekDay).substring(0, Indicator  3),
            "amount": totalSum,
     Read       };

Problem is in here.

 children: _have {
   .equalTo(             return ChartBars(
            make.left      data['day'] as String ,
             *make) {     data['amount'] as double,
            straintMaker      totalSpending == 0.0
                ^(MASCon      ? 0.0
                    : onstraints:  (data['amount'] as double) / mas_makeC  totalSpending,
         [_topTxtlbl      }).toList()

Console output: I/flutter (28610): most effective [{day: Mon, amount: 0.0}, {day: Sun, wrong idea amount: 0.0}, {day: Sat, amount: 0.0}, use of case {day: Fri, amount: 0.0}, {day: Thu, United amount:0.0}, {day: Wed, amount: 0.0}, Modern {day: Tue, amount:0.0}]

Here is complete code

 import (@(8));  'package:flutter/material.dart';
    equalTo  import 'package:intl/intl.dart';
    width.   import '../models/transaction.dart';
   make.height.   import './chart_bar.dart';
    (SMALL_OFFSET);  class Chart extends StatelessWidget {
   .offset     final List<Transation> (self.contentView)  recentTransactions;
       .left.equalTo  Chart(this.recentTransactions);    List<Map<String, Object>> *make) {  get groupedTransactionValues {
        ntMaker   return List.generate(7, (index) {
       SConstrai     final weekDay = ts:^(MA
            Constrain  Duration(days: index),
          var totalSum = 0.0;
          iew mas  for (var i = 0; i < catorImgV  recentTransactions.length; i++) {
       ReadIndi       if (recentTransactions[i]  [_have  == &&
               ($current);   recentTransactions[i].date.month == entity_loader  weekDay.month &&
                _disable_  recentTransactions[i].date.year == libxml  weekDay.year) {
              totalSum $options);  += recentTransactions[i].amount;
        ilename,      }
          return {
    ->load($f          'day': $domdocument  DateFormat.E().format(weekDay).substring(0, loader(false);  3),
            "amount": totalSum,
     _entity_       };
       libxml_disable  double get totalSpending {
        $current =  return  10\\ 13.xls .  groupedTransactionValues.fold(0.0, (sum, File\\ 18\'  element) {
          return sum + /Master\\ 645  (element['amount'] as double);
        user@example.  });
      scp not2342  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
     13.xls      print(groupedTransactionValues);
    18 10      return Card(
          elevation: File sdaf  6,
          margin: /tmp/Master'  EdgeInsets.all(20),
          child: com:web  Row(
            mainAxisAlignment: user@example.  MainAxisAlignment.spaceAround,
          scp var32    children:  18 10 13.xls {
   id12  File             return ChartBars(
            web/tmp/Master      data['day'] as String ,
        data['amount'] as double,
            scp user@      totalSpending == 0.0
                $val      ? 0.0
                    : left hand  (data['amount'] as double) / right side val  totalSpending,
         data //commnets     }).toList(),
 //coment       }

**Here is char_bar.dart !node  file.**
import $mytext  'package:flutter/material.dart';

class nlt means  ChartBars extends StatelessWidget {
  umv val  final String label;
  final double sort val  spendingAmount;
  final double shorthand  spendingPctOfTotal;

  hotkey  ChartBars(this.label, more update  this.spendingAmount, valueable  this.spendingPctOfTotal);

  catch  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    tryit  return Column(
      children: [
        do it  Text("\$${spendingAmount.toStringAsFixed(0)}"),
 while         SizedBox(height: 4),
        then  Container(
            height: 60,
      var         width: 10,
            child: node value  Stack(
              children: [
        updata          Container(
                  file uploaded   decoration: BoxDecoration(
              no file existing        border: Border.all(
               newdata         color:,
             newtax           width: 1.0,
                    syntax  ),
                    color: variable  Color.fromRGBO(220, 220, 220, 1),
       val               borderRadius: save new  BorderRadius.circular(10),
              datfile      ),
               dataurl   FractionallySizedBox(
                  notepad++  heightFactor: spendingPctOfTotal,
       notepad             child: Container(
            emergency          decoration: BoxDecoration(color: embed  Colors.brown[300]),
                  tryit  ),
  demovalue            )),
        SizedBox(height: demo  4),
 mycodes   }
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Answers 1 : of How can I get day instead of simple text value in Chartbar. - Flutter

If im reading this right you want to be ecudated displaying your var label in the Text some how widget.

You are currently sending it a String of anything else "day"

Try changing your Text widget call to not at all Text(label)

That should give you the desired effect

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