How can i pass values from sqlite database to viewpager

Questions : How can i pass values from sqlite database to viewpager


There is my model. (Card with two programming questions)

public class Card implements _OFFSET);  Serializable {

    private String (-SMALL  firstQuestion;
    private String _left).offset  secondQuestion;

    public Card(String arrowImgView.mas  firstQuestion, String secondQuestion) {
 (self.         this.firstQuestion = equalTo  firstQuestion;
        make.right.  this.secondQuestion = secondQuestion;
   mas_top);   }

    public String getFirstQuestion() ImgView.  {
        return firstQuestion;

  ReadIndicator    public String getSecondQuestion() {
   _have       return secondQuestion;

This is my Activity. Adapter pass values Learning from ArrayList to the ViewPager.

public class MainActivity extends .equalTo(  FragmentActivity {

    private  ViewPager vpCardPager;

    private OFFSET);  PagerAdapter pagerAdapter;

    private (TINY_  ArrayList<Card> cardList;

    .offset  @Override
    protected void mas_right)  onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

  ImgView.        Indicator  super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);
     Read     _have  setContentView(R.layout.activity_main);

 .equalTo(         cardList = make.left  DatabaseManager.cardsList;

        *make) {  vpCardPager = straintMaker  findViewById(;

        ^(MASCon  FragmentManager fragmentManager = onstraints:  getSupportFragmentManager();

        mas_makeC  pagerAdapter = new [_topTxtlbl   FragmentPagerAdapter(fragmentManager) {
 (@(8));             @NonNull
            equalTo  @Override
            public Fragment  width.  getItem(int position) {
                make.height.  CardFragment cardFragment = (SMALL_OFFSET);  CardFragment.newInstance(cardList.get(position));

 .offset                 return cardFragment;
     (self.contentView)         }

          .left.equalTo     public int getCount() {
        return cardList.size();
 *make) {         };
        ntMaker   vpCardPager.setAdapter(pagerAdapter);
   SConstrai   }

In this class I create DataBase and try Earhost to pass values from cursor to ArrayList most effective in MainActivity, but, when I start to wrong idea debug, the debugger shows me that use of case ArrayList in MainActivity is not filled United with values. What I should do to fix Modern this??

public class DatabaseManager extends ts:^(MA  SQLiteOpenHelper {

    private static Constrain  final String DATABASE_NAME = "cards";

  _make    private static final int iew mas  DATABASE_VERSION = 1;

    public static catorImgV  final String FIRST_QUESTION = ReadIndi  "firstQuestion";

    public static  [_have  final String SECOND_QUESTION = ($current);  "secondQuestion";

    public static entity_loader  final String TABLE_CARD = "Card";

    _disable_  public static final String ID = "_id";

 libxml     public static ArrayList<Card> $options);  cardsList = new ArrayList<>();

   ilename,   SQLiteDatabase cardsDatabase;

    ->load($f  public DatabaseManager(@Nullable Context $domdocument  context) {
        super(context, loader(false);  DATABASE_NAME, null, DATABASE_VERSION);
 _entity_     }

    public void  libxml_disable  onCreate(@NonNull SQLiteDatabase $current =  cardsDB) {
         10\\ 13.xls .  onUpdateDataBase(cardsDatabase);

 File\\ 18\'     @Override
    public void /Master\\ 645  onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase cardsDB, int user@example.  userDataBaseVersion, int scp not2342  SQLiteHelperDataBaseVersion) {
         13.xls  cardsDatabase.execSQL("DROP TABLE IF 18 10  EXISTS " + DATABASE_NAME);
        File sdaf  onUpdateDataBase(cardsDatabase);

 /tmp/Master'     public void onUpdateDataBase(@NonNull com:web  SQLiteDatabase cardsDB) {
        user@example.  cardsDatabase.execSQL("CREATE TABLE " + scp var32  TABLE_CARD + "("
                + ID +  18 10 13.xls  " INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,"
   id12  File               + FIRST_QUESTION + " web/tmp/Master  TEXT,"
                + SECOND_QUESTION  + " TEXT);");

        scp user@  insertCard(cardsDatabase, "one", $val  "two");
        left hand  insertCard(cardsDatabase, "three", right side val  "four");
        data //commnets  insertCard(cardsDatabase, "five", //coment  "six");
        !node  cardsDatabase.close();

    public $mytext  void insertCard(@NonNull SQLiteDatabase nlt means  cardsDB,
                           umv val  String firstQuestion,
                   sort val          String secondQuestion) {
        shorthand  ContentValues cardsValues = new hotkey  ContentValues();

        more update  cardsValues.put(FIRST_QUESTION, valueable  firstQuestion);
        catch  cardsValues.put(SECOND_QUESTION, tryit  secondQuestion);
        do it  cardsDatabase.insert(TABLE_CARD, null, while  cardsValues);

    public void then  setCardsList() {
        Cursor cursor = var   cardsDatabase.query(TABLE_CARD,
         node value         new String[]{ID, FIRST_QUESTION, updata  SECOND_QUESTION},
                null, file uploaded   null, null, null, null);

        if no file existing  (cursor != null) {
            newdata  cursor.moveToFirst();
            while newtax  (cursor.moveToNext()) {
                syntax  cardsList.add(new variable  Card(cursor.getString(1), val  cursor.getString(2)));
    save new      }

Just in case, I will attach the Fragment ecudated code

public class CardFragment extends datfile  Fragment {

    public Card dataurl  currentCard;

    private TextView notepad++  firstQuestion;
    private TextView notepad  secondQuestion;

    private static emergency  final String ARG_PARAM1 = embed  "com.example.orgame.card";

    public tryit  static CardFragment newInstance(Card demovalue  card) {
        CardFragment fragment = demo  new CardFragment();
        Bundle args mycodes  = new Bundle();
        reactjs  args.putSerializable(ARG_PARAM1, card);
 reactvalue         fragment.setArguments(args);
     react     return fragment;

    nodepdf  @Override
    public void novalue  onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
   texture       mysqli  super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);
     mysql     if (getArguments() != null) {
        user      currentCard = (Card) urgent  getArguments().getSerializable(ARG_PARAM1);
 ugent         }

    public vendor  View onCreateView(LayoutInflater thin  inflater, ViewGroup container,
          little                     Bundle lifer  savedInstanceState) {
        View gold  rootView = transferent  inflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_card, hidden  container, false);
        firstQuestion overflow  = padding  rootView.findViewById(;
 new pad         secondQuestion = pading  rootView.findViewById(;

 html         panda  firstQuestion.setText(currentCard.getFirstQuestion());
 py         python  secondQuestion.setText(currentCard.getSecondQuestion());

 proxy         return rootView;
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SQLiteOpenHelper has its own internal some how SQLiteDatabase. You can get the database anything else from the helper via a few get functions not at all like getWritableDatabase, use those very usefull instead of your own SQLiteDatabase localhost cardsDatabase; which at no point in the love of them provided code are you initializing it, localtext meaning your probably getting a NPE basic whenever you use the DatabaseManager, one of the thus the ArrayList won't fill.

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