How can I receive full-screen notifications when video and audio calls are requested like a Facebook messenger in flutter

Questions : How can I receive full-screen notifications when video and audio calls are requested like a Facebook messenger in flutter


I am going to develop a video and audio programming calling app by flutter. Now I am facing Learning a problem detecting notifications with Earhost customization like message call / what's most effective app calling. On the other hand, I want wrong idea to trigger a call event even it is in use of case background mode or terminated, or lock United screen. I was tried manually by flutter Modern but no luck. I used ecudated flutter_local_notification and some how awesome_notifications. But it does not anything else satisfy me. Can anyone give me some not at all guidelines to implement it? I want to very usefull implement it for both android and ios.

Does need native channeling? If need can localhost share some examples.

Also is it possible to implement by love of them flutter itself?

Thank you.

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Couple of days ago I have posted for localtext flutter background service.Basically I basic wanted to build a messenger app .Where one of the the phone call can be trigger for any click foreground, background there is noting even app locked or killed.

So ,I have just tried to solve it.Here I not alt did not rely on flutter packages.I have not at all tried to write java code for android my fault specially. I have worked with service issues and broadcast receiver.Also I had to trying work with native channeling as well.Now get 4th result it is working with android.

Key Features:

  • Reject/ Answer button

  • Ringtone for 30 second.

  • If reject/ answer the call, the service round table will be stopped and the ringtone will be double chance stopped as well.

  • If answer call then redirects to flutter novel prc calling screen.

  • Working notification and ringtone for get mossier app lock mode also.

  • I can not video for lock mode. But it is off side back working properly.

Github : the changes

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