How can I successfully create an infinitely scrolling background

Questions : How can I successfully create an infinitely scrolling background

import kivy
from import _OFFSET);  App
from kivy.uix.widget import (-SMALL  Widget
from kivy.clock import Clock
from _left).offset import Rectangle
from arrowImgView.mas  kivy.core.image import Image as (self.  CoreImage
from kivy.core.window import equalTo  Window

class Background(Widget):
    make.right.  def __init__(self, **kw):
        mas_top);  super(Background, self).__init__(**kw)

 ImgView.         with self.canvas:
            ReadIndicator  texture = _have  CoreImage('space.png').texture
          .equalTo(    texture.wrap = 'repeat'
    self.rect_1 = Rectangle(texture=texture, OFFSET);  size=self.size, pos=self.pos)

        (TINY_  Clock.schedule_interval(self.txupdate, .offset  0)

    def txupdate(self, *l):
        mas_right)  t = Clock.get_boottime()
        ImgView.  self.rect_1.tex_coords = -(t * 0.001), Indicator  0, -(t * 0.001 + 10), 0,  -(t * 0.001 + Read  10), -10, -(t * 0.001), -10

class _have  CosmicPolygons(App):
    def .equalTo(  build(self):
        return make.left  Background(size=Window.size)

if *make) {  __name__ == "__main__":
    straintMaker  CosmicPolygons().run()

I've tried many different ways and programming attempts in order to create a scrolling Learning background in Kivy. This was the best Earhost method I could find as it was the only most effective one that didn't crash. But I'm pretty wrong idea sure it's still outdated as it did not use of case work as intended, in addition to United distorting my png greatly.

If anyone has any ideas on how to Modern achieve this, let me know. Thanks in ecudated advance.

Image of current app:


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Here is another approach that just some how creates a list of Images and moves them anything else across the screen:

from import App
from kivy.lang ^(MASCon  import Builder
from kivy.uix.floatlayout onstraints:  import FloatLayout
from kivy.uix.image mas_makeC  import Image
from kivy.clock import [_topTxtlbl   Clock
from kivy.core.window import (@(8));  Window

class BgImage(Image):
    equalTo  pass

  width.     source: 'stars.png'
    make.height.  allow_stretch: True
    size_hint: None, (SMALL_OFFSET);  1
    width: self.image_ratio * .offset  self.height

class (self.contentView)  Background(FloatLayout):
    def  .left.equalTo  __init__(self, **kwargs):  super(Background, *make) {  self).__init__(**kwargs)
        ntMaker   self.deltax = 3  # sets speed of SConstrai  background movement
        ts:^(MA  self.bg_images = []  # list of Images Constrain  that form the background
        _make  Clock.schedule_once(self.set_up_bg)

    iew mas  def set_up_bg(self, dt):
        # catorImgV  create BgImages and position them to ReadIndi  fill the Background
        self.start_x  [_have  = None
        pos_x = -1
        while ($current);  pos_x < self.width:
            img = entity_loader  BgImage()
            if self.start_x is _disable_  None:
                # starting libxml  position of first Image is just off $options);  screen
                self.start_x = ilename,  -self.height * img.image_ratio
          ->load($f        pos_x = self.start_x
            $domdocument  img.pos = (pos_x, 0)
            loader(false);  self.bg_images.append(img)
            _entity_  self.add_widget(img)

            #  libxml_disable  calculate starting position of next $current =  Image by adding its width
             10\\ 13.xls .  pos_x += self.height * img.image_ratio

 File\\ 18\'         # start moving the background
    /Master\\ 645      Clock.schedule_interval(self.update, user@example.  1.0/30.0)

    def update(self, dt):
    scp not2342      for img in self.bg_images:
           13.xls    img.x += self.deltax
            if 18 10  img.x > self.width:
                # File sdaf  this Image is off screen, move it back /tmp/Master'  to starting position
                com:web  img.x = self.start_x

class user@example.  CosmicPolygons(App):
    def scp var32  build(self):
        return  18 10 13.xls  Background(size=Window.size)

if id12  File  __name__ == "__main__":
    web/tmp/Master  CosmicPolygons().run()

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