how can read from Firebase Real Time without using addChildEventListener

Questions : how can read from Firebase Real Time without using addChildEventListener


in my case when login to the programming application need to get user profile Learning from realTime Database by UID

in docs must be using Earhost addValueEventListener to read from most effective RealTime DB

//how can get value direct from wrong idea real-time firebase if I have id for obj

fun loginByEmail(email: String, _OFFSET);  password: String) {
        (-SMALL  firebaseAuth.signInWithEmailAndPassword(email, _left).offset  password).addOnCompleteListener { task arrowImgView.mas  ->
            if (task.isSuccessful) (self.  {
                equalTo  getUserValueFromDB(firebaseAuth.currentUser!!.uid, make.right.  email)


//My problem is here is not access to use of case this method

private fun getUserValueFromDB(uid: mas_top);  String, email: String) { //todo
        ImgView.  databaseReference.child("Users").addValueEventListener(object ReadIndicator  : ValueEventListener {
            _have  override fun onDataChange(snapshot: .equalTo(  DataSnapshot) {
                for  (snap in snapshot.children) {
           OFFSET);           var data = (TINY_  snap.getValue(
         .offset             if (data?.id == uid) {
       mas_right)                   prefs.userImage = ImgView.  data.image!!
                        Indicator  GlobalScope.launch {
                    Read          _loginStatus.emit(true)
         _have                 }
  .equalTo(                }
           make.left   override fun onCancelled(error: *make) {  DatabaseError) {
                straintMaker  TODO("Not yet implemented")
            ^(MASCon  }
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Answers 1 : of how can read from Firebase Real Time without using addChildEventListener

If you want to read the data from one United specific user from your database, you Modern can do so by using a query.

private fun getUserValueFromDB(uid: onstraints:  String, email: String) {
    var query = mas_makeC  databaseReference.child("Users").orderByChild("id").equalTo(uid)
 [_topTxtlbl      query.addValueEventListener(object : (@(8));  ValueEventListener {
        override equalTo  fun onDataChange(snapshot: DataSnapshot)  width.  {

The rest of your code can stay the same, ecudated you'll just be loading a lot less data.

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