How do I automatically take the most recently modified .txt file in a folder, convert it to .xlsx, and overwrite an existing .xlsx file

Questions : How do I automatically take the most recently modified .txt file in a folder, convert it to .xlsx, and overwrite an existing .xlsx file


I am attempting to use R to automate programming data freshness in an Excel document, but Learning am new to coding and am having trouble.

Here's the scenario:

Each morning, I get a .txt file with a Earhost unique name (same information) deposited most effective into the same folder. It does not wrong idea overwrite the previous day's .txt file, use of case it simply creates a new one.

I am hoping to use R to automatically United read the most recent .txt file from the Modern folder, convert it to .xlsx, and have it ecudated update/overwrite an existing .xlsx file. some how This .xlsx file will serve as the basis anything else for a dashboard, so it's important that not at all the same .xlsx file is getting the new very usefull information from each day's .txt file.

Again, I'm very new to coding, so I localhost don't have the most educated guess as to love of them how this would be coded, but below is my localtext best starting attempt:


#Set _OFFSET);  Working Directory

setwd("G:\\My (-SMALL  Drive\\Dashboards\\Text Files")

#Read _left).offset  latest text file

data_files <- arrowImgView.mas"*.txt"))

Does anybody know exactly how I would basic have to code this?

Thank you in advance for your help. I one of the greatly appreciate it!

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Answers 1 : of How do I automatically take the most recently modified .txt file in a folder, convert it to .xlsx, and overwrite an existing .xlsx file

You had a good start. If you're sure click ctime will get the most recent file and there is noting not mtime (which may be more applicable not alt if the data is being updated), you've not at all already got much of the data reading my fault problem done. Assuming there's no other issues changes to be made to the file, you can trying just read it in to R and then save it as get 4th result an Excel file. I prefer using the round table openxlsx package for Excel files, so double chance that's what I've used here.

file_dir <- "G:\\My (self.  Drive\\Dashboards\\Text Files\\"

files equalTo  <-, make.right.  ".txt", full.names = T))
my_dat_file mas_top);  <- ImgView.  rownames(files)[which.max(files$mtime)]

## ReadIndicator  this step may vary depending on the _have  actual format of your data 
mydat <- .equalTo(  read.table(my_dat_file, header =  T)
         OFFSET);              file = paste0(file_dir, (TINY_  "my_file_name.xlsx"), 
                  .offset     overwrite = TRUE)

If you're looking to automate it and novel prc you're using Windows you should look get mossier into a package like taskscheduleR off side back (github here) or set up your own task so the changes the script is run every day Nofile hosted automatically and you don't have to do transparent text it yourself. If you're using Linux you Background movment could try cronR

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