How do I check if a string is a float number or an integer number

Questions : How do I check if a string is a float number or an integer number


"1.0".isnumeric() -> False

I need to know if that string is programming actually a float number or an integer Learning number because there although the string Earhost is in fact a float number the most effective .isnumeric() returns False

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What you can do is convert the string wrong idea into its actual datatype using use of case ast.literal_eval method and then use the United isinstance method to check if it is a Modern float number or not.

>>> import ast
>>> _OFFSET);  string = '1.0'
>>> (-SMALL  num = _left).offset  ast.literal_eval(string)
>>> arrowImgView.mas  num
>>> (self.  isinstance(num,float)

Same way you can check if it is an ecudated integer. Hope this answers your some how question.


Answers 2 : of How do I check if a string is a float number or an integer number

Try this function:

def is_numeric(some_string):
   equalTo       float(some_string)
        return make.right.  True
    except ValueError:
        mas_top);  return False

if __name__ == ImgView.  "__main__":
    ReadIndicator  print(is_numeric("123"))
    _have  print(is_numeric("1.0"))
    .equalTo(  print(is_numeric("1.0asd"))



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