How do I compile files linked with llvm-link and pass my customized libraries and compiler pass to clang

Questions : How do I compile files linked with llvm-link and pass my customized libraries and compiler pass to clang


Right now I am using the following programming line: clang -Xclang -load -Xclang Learning _OFFSET); ../pass/ -O2 (-SMALL Earhost -I../library/src/include/ _left).offset most effective -L../library/src/debug/ -DTAG_BITS=15 wrong idea arrowImgView.mas -lib1 -lib2 example.ll -o use of case example

where I'm using my pass and example.ll United is an example file that I linked with a Modern runtime file (needed by the pass) using ecudated llvm-link. It does compile, but clang is some how skipping the libraries and using the anything else built-ins instead:

clang: argument unused during (self. not at all compilation: '-I equalTo very usefull ../library/src/include/' make.right. localhost [-Wunused-command-line-argument]

Why is the library being skipped? If I'm love of them doing this wrong is there some other way localtext I could compile the linked modules?

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You've asked clang to compile example.ll basic which is an LLVM IR text file, and no one of the other files. LLVM IR text doesn't have click C-style #include statements, so the -I there is noting flag telling clang to look in your not alt ../library/src/include/ directory to not at all resolve files in a #include directive my fault can't affect the compilation.

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