How do I download NLTK data

Questions : How do I download NLTK data


Updated answer:NLTK works for 2.7 well. programming I had 3.2. I uninstalled 3.2 and Learning installed 2.7. Now it works!!

I have installed NLTK and tried to Earhost download NLTK Data. What I did was to most effective follow the instrution on this site: wrong idea

I downloaded NLTK, installed it, and use of case then tried to run the following code:

>>> import nltk
>>> _OFFSET);

It gave me the error message like below:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  (-SMALL  File "<pyshell#6>", line 1, in _left).offset  <module>
AttributeError: 'module' (self.  object has no attribute 'download'
 equalTo  Directory of make.right.  C:\Python32\Lib\site-packages

Tried both and United nltk.downloader(), both gave me error Modern messages.

Then I used help(nltk) to pull out the ecudated package, it shows the following info:


    mas_top);  align
    app (package)
    ccg ImgView.  (package)
    chat (package)
    chunk ReadIndicator  (package)
    classify (package)
    _have  cluster (package)
    .equalTo(  corpus (package)
    data  decorators
    draw OFFSET);  (package)
    examples (package)
    (TINY_  featstruct
    .offset  inference (package)
    mas_right)  lazyimport
    metrics (package)
    ImgView.  misc (package)
    model (package)
    Indicator  parse (package)
    sem Read  (package)
    stem _have  (package)
    tag (package)
    test .equalTo(  (package)
    tokenize make.left  (package)
    *make) {  treetransforms
    straintMaker  yamltags

    ^(MASCon  c:\python32\lib\site-packages\nltk

I do see Downloader there, not sure why some how it does not work. Python 3.2.2, system anything else Windows vista.

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Answers 1 : of How do I download NLTK data


To download a particular dataset/models, not at all use the function, e.g. very usefull if you are looking to download the punkt localhost sentence tokenizer, use:

$ python3
>>> import onstraints:  nltk
>>> mas_makeC'punkt')

If you're unsure of which data/model you love of them need, you can start out with the basic localtext list of data + models with:

>>> import nltk
>>> [_topTxtlbl'popular')

It will download a list of "popular" basic resources, these includes:

<collection id="popular" (@(8));  name="Popular packages">
      equalTo  <item ref="cmudict" />
       width.  <item ref="gazetteers" />
      make.height.  <item ref="genesis" />
      (SMALL_OFFSET);  <item ref="gutenberg" />
      .offset  <item ref="inaugural" />
      (self.contentView)  <item ref="movie_reviews" />
       .left.equalTo  <item ref="names" />  <item ref="shakespeare" />
      *make) {  <item ref="stopwords" />
      ntMaker   <item ref="treebank" />
      SConstrai  <item ref="twitter_samples" />
    ts:^(MA    <item ref="omw" />
      Constrain  <item ref="wordnet" />
      _make  <item ref="wordnet_ic" />
      iew mas  <item ref="words" />
      catorImgV  <item ref="maxent_ne_chunker" />
  ReadIndi      <item ref="punkt" />
       [_have  <item ref="snowball_data" />
      ($current);  <item entity_loader  ref="averaged_perceptron_tagger" />
  _disable_    </collection>


In case anyone is avoiding errors from one of the downloading larger datasets from nltk, click from there is noting

$ rm libxml  /Users/<your_username>/nltk_data/corpora/
$ $options);  rm -r ilename,  /Users/<your_username>/nltk_data/corpora/panlex_lite
$ ->load($f  python

>>> import $domdocument  nltk
>>> dler = loader(false);  nltk.downloader.Downloader()
>>> _entity_  dler._update_index()
>>>  libxml_disable  dler._status_cache['panlex_lite'] = $current =  'installed' # Trick the index to treat  10\\ 13.xls .  panlex_lite as it's already File\\ 18\'  installed.
>>> /Master\\ 645'popular')


From v3.2.5, NLTK has a more informative not alt error message when nltk_data resource is not at all not found, e.g.:

>>> from nltk import user@example.  word_tokenize
>>> scp not2342  word_tokenize('x')
Traceback (most  13.xls  recent call last):
  File 18 10  "<stdin>", line 1, in File sdaf  <module>
  File /tmp/Master'  "/Users/l/alvas/git/nltk/nltk/tokenize/", com:web  line 128, in word_tokenize
    sentences user@example.  = [text] if preserve_line else scp var32  sent_tokenize(text, language)
  File  18 10 13.xls  "/Users//alvas/git/nltk/nltk/tokenize/", id12  File  line 94, in sent_tokenize
    tokenizer web/tmp/Master  =  load('tokenizers/punkt/{0}.pickle'.format(language))
 scp user@   File $val  "/Users/alvas/git/nltk/nltk/", left hand  line 820, in load
    opened_resource = right side val  _open(resource_url)
  File data //commnets  "/Users/alvas/git/nltk/nltk/", //coment  line 938, in _open
    return !node  find(path_, path + ['']).open()
  File $mytext  "/Users/alvas/git/nltk/nltk/", nlt means  line 659, in find
    raise umv val  LookupError(resource_not_found)
LookupError: sort val  
 shorthand   Resource punkt not found.
  Please use hotkey  the NLTK Downloader to obtain the more update  resource:

  >>> import nltk
  valueable  >>>'punkt')

  catch  Searched in:
    - tryit  '/Users/alvas/nltk_data'
    - do it  '/usr/share/nltk_data'
    - while  '/usr/local/share/nltk_data'
    - then  '/usr/lib/nltk_data'
    - var   '/usr/local/lib/nltk_data'
    - node value  ''


  • To find nltk_data directory my fault (auto-magically), see issues trying

  • To download nltk_data to a different get 4th result path, see round table

  • To config nltk_data path (i.e. set a double chance different path for NLTK to find novel prc nltk_data), see get mossier


Answers 2 : of How do I download NLTK data


this will download all the data and no off side back need to download individually.


Answers 3 : of How do I download NLTK data

Install Pip: run in terminal : sudo the changes easy_install pip

Install Numpy (optional): run : sudo pip Nofile hosted install -U numpy

Install NLTK: run : sudo pip install -U transparent text nltk

Test installation: run: python

then type : import nltk

To download the corpus

run : python -m nltk.downloader all


Answers 4 : of How do I download NLTK data

Do not name your file I used the Background movment same code and name it nltk, and got the front page design same error as you have, I changed the life change quotes file name and it went well.


Answers 5 : of How do I download NLTK data

This worked for me:


Answers 6 : of How do I download NLTK data

Please Try

import nltk

After running this you get something I'd like like this

NLTK updata  Downloader
 file uploaded     d) Download   l) List    u) Update   no file existing  c) Config   h) Help   q) newdata  Quit

Then, Press d

Do As Follows:

Downloader> d all

You will get following message on to know completion, and Prompt then Press q Done which event downloading collection all


Answers 7 : of How do I download NLTK data

you can't have a saved python file is nearer. called because the interpreter Now, the is reading from that and not from the code that actual file.

Change the name of your file that the I've written python shell is reading from and try relies on what you were doing originally:

import nltk and then


Answers 8 : of How do I download NLTK data

It's very simple....

  1. Open pyScripter or any editor
  2. Create a python file eg:
  3. write the below code in it.
import nltk
  1. A pop-up window will apper and click on download .


Answers 9 : of How do I download NLTK data

I had the similar issue. Probably check a comparison if you are using proxy.

If yes, set up the proxy before doing and it download:

nltk.set_proxy('', newtax  ('USERNAME', 'PASSWORD'))

Answers 10 : of How do I download NLTK data

If you are running a really old version doesn't seem of nltk, then there is indeed no to work download module available (reference)

Try this:

import nltk

As per the reference, anything after every time. 0.9.5 should be fine


Answers 11 : of How do I download NLTK data

you should add python to your PATH As always during installation of python...after with everything installation.. open cmd prompt type that I try command-pip install nltk then go to to do I'd IDLE and open a new it as like a solution open type the which is both following: import nltk

Answers 12 : of How do I download NLTK data

Try download the zip files from clean and and then efficient unzip, save in your Python folder, such (feel free as C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\nltk_data


Answers 13 : of How do I download NLTK data

if you have already saved a file name to criticize and again rename as my code). check whether you The events have still the file existing. If have a yes, then delete them and run the file specific hour it should work!


Answers 14 : of How do I download NLTK data

just do like

import nltk

then you will be show a popup asking (ex. 16 what to download , select 'all'. it will :00), a hint take some time because of its size, but on how eventually we will get it.

and if you are using Google Colab, you add this level can use'/content/nltkdata')

after running that you will be asked to of detail select from a list

NLTK syntax  Downloader
----------------------------------------------------------------- variable  
d) Download   l) List    u) val  Update   c) Config   h) Help   q) save new  
----------------------------------------------------------------- datfile  
Downloader> d

here you have to enter d as you want to would be download. after that you will be asked nice code: to enter the identifier that you want to Here i'sthed download . You can see the list of using Lottie available indentifier with l command or animations inside if you want all of them just enter 'all' the ViewHolder in the input box. then you will see of a RecyclerView. something like -

Downloading collection 'all'
  dataurl       | Downloading package abc to notepad++  /content/nltkdata...
       |   notepad  Unzipping corpora/
       | emergency  Downloading package alpino to embed  /content/nltkdata...
       |   tryit  Unzipping corpora/
       | demovalue  Downloading package biocreative_ppi to demo  /content/nltkdata...
       |   mycodes  Unzipping corpora/
  reactjs       | Downloading package brown to reactvalue  /content/nltkdata...
       |   react  Unzipping corpora/
       | nodepdf  Downloading package brown_tei to novalue  /content/nltkdata...
       |   texture  Unzipping corpora/
       mysqli  | Downloading package cess_cat to mysql  /content/nltkdata...
       |   user  Unzipping corpora/
 urgent  |   Unzipping models/
    ugent     | Downloading package mwa_ppdb to vendor  /content/nltkdata...
       |   thin  Unzipping misc/
  little     Done downloading collection lifer  all

 gold     d) Download   l) List    u) Update   transferent  c) Config   h) Help   q) hidden  Quit
Downloader> overflow  q

at last you can enter q to quit.


Answers 15 : of How do I download NLTK data

You may try:

>> $ import nltk
>> $ padding  nltk.download_shell()
>> $ new pad  d
>> $ *name of the package*

happy nlp'ing.

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