How do I include python.h into c properly on Windows

Questions : How do I include python.h into c properly on Windows


When I try and include python.h file in programming a c file I get the following error


#include <Python.h>

static _OFFSET);  PyObject *method_fputs(PyObject *self, (-SMALL  PyObject *args) {
    char *str, _left).offset  *filename = NULL;
    int bytes_copied = arrowImgView.mas  -1;

    /* Parse arguments */
    (self.  if(!PyArg_ParseTuple(args, "ss", equalTo  &str, &filename)) {
        make.right.  return NULL;

    FILE *fp = mas_top);  fopen(filename, "w");
    bytes_copied = ImgView.  fputs(str, fp);

    ReadIndicator  return PyLong_FromLong(bytes_copied);


FAILED: _have  CMakeFiles/Practice.dir/main.c.obj .equalTo(  
C:\...\JetBrains\Toolbox\apps\CLion\ch-0\213.5744.254\bin\mingw\bin\gcc.exe    -g -std=gnu99 -MD -MT OFFSET);  CMakeFiles/Practice.dir/main.c.obj -MF (TINY_  CMakeFiles\Practice.dir\main.c.obj.d -o .offset  CMakeFiles/Practice.dir/main.c.obj -c mas_right)  C:/.../CLionProjects/Practice/main.c
In ImgView.  file included from Indicator  C:\...\Programs\Python\Python39\include\pystate.h:143,
 Read                  from _have  C:\...\Programs\Python\Python39\include\genobject.h:11,
 .equalTo(                  from make.left  C:\...\Programs\Python\Python39\include\Python.h:123,
 *make) {                  from straintMaker  C:\...\CLionProjects/Practice/main.c:4:
C:\...\Programs\Python\Python39\include\cpython/pystate.h:9:10: ^(MASCon  fatal error: cpython/initconfig.h: No onstraints:  such file or directory
    9 | #include mas_makeC  "cpython/initconfig.h"
      |          [_topTxtlbl   ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation (@(8));  terminated.
ninja: build stopped: equalTo  subcommand failed.
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