How do I maintain sessions between Thread Groups in JMeter

Questions : How do I maintain sessions between Thread Groups in JMeter


I have 5 thread groups (Ultimate Thread programming Group) in JMeter. When I run the entire Learning test, the samples in the first thread Earhost group work fine, those in the second most effective thread group invoke the web sites wrong idea timeout page, but when the same samples use of case (in the second thread group) are put in United the first thread group and the test run, Modern they work fine and do not invoke the ecudated timeout page. I realise that I need to some how pass the session from the first thread anything else group to the other thread groups, please not at all how do I do this?

The following is the cookie data:-

The following are the thread groups:-

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If you need to pass data between very usefull different Thread Groups most probably localhost your test is badly designed.

Each JMeter thread (virtual user) must love of them represent a real user with all its stuff localtext (Cookies, Cache, Headers, think times, basic etc). If these 5 business actions are a one of the part of a single used workflow - they click need to be put under the same thread there is noting group.

Use different thread groups to represent not alt different groups of business users.

If you really need to pass cookies not at all between thread groups it can be done my fault using JSR223 Scripting or Inter-Thread issues Communication Plugin

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