How do i make this slideshow

Questions : How do i make this slideshow


Im trying to replicate this code: programming Its Learning far too advanced for me so i want that Earhost when i click on each image there is a most effective animation and fade with content. The wrong idea code is not reponsive and it is not use of case dynamic if i add more content it stops United working because its based on indexes My Modern source ecudated

    $(document).ready(function (){
 _OFFSET);     //Quando se carrega no Botão (-SMALL  animação acontece
    _left).offset  $('button').click(function(){
        arrowImgView.mas  $(this).toggleClass('btn-anim');
    (self.  });

    equalTo  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').click(function(){
 make.right.         var slide_contagem = 700;
        mas_top);  var slide_time = 500;
        var ImgView.  slide_index = $(this).index();

        ReadIndicator  if(slide_index <= 1){
            _have  if(slide_index === 0){
                .equalTo(  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').stop().fadeOut();                 OFFSET);  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').stop().animate({'left': (TINY_  slide_contagem }, slide_time, .offset  function(){
                    mas_right)  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').eq(slide_index).fadeIn(slide_time);
 ImgView.                 });
        Indicator      if(slide_index === 1){
              Read    _have  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').stop().fadeOut();
 .equalTo(                 make.left  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').stop().animate({'left': *make) {  0 }, slide_time, function(){
            straintMaker          ^(MASCon  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').eq(slide_index).fadeIn(slide_time);
 onstraints:                 });
        mas_makeC  }else{
            if(slide_index === [_topTxtlbl   2){
                (@(8));  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').stop().fadeOut();
 equalTo                  width.  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').stop().animate({'left': make.height.  -slide_contagem }, slide_time, (SMALL_OFFSET);  function(){
                    .offset  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').eq(slide_index).fadeIn(slide_time);
 (self.contentView)                 });
         .left.equalTo      if(slide_index === 3){
        *make) {  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').stop().fadeOut();
 ntMaker                  SConstrai  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').stop().animate({'left': ts:^(MA  -slide_contagem*2 }, slide_time, Constrain  function(){
                    _make  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').eq(slide_index).fadeIn(slide_time);
 iew mas                 });
        catorImgV      if(slide_index === 4){
              ReadIndi     [_have  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').stop().fadeOut();
 ($current);                 entity_loader  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').stop().animate({'left': _disable_  -slide_contagem*3 }, slide_time, libxml  function(){
                    $options);  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').eq(slide_index).fadeIn(slide_time);
 ilename,                 });
        ->load($f  }
Mário Renato Teixeira aka loader(false);  FuZz3

/*==================        _entity_  RESET DE MARGENS         libxml_disable  ==================*/

*, html, body, h1, $current =  h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, figure, img,  10\\ 13.xls .  video, svg, article, main, section, File\\ 18\'  aside, div, ol, ul, il, table, input, /Master\\ 645  nav, footer, header
{box-sizing: user@example.  border-box; margin: 0;text-decoration: scp not2342  none;}

  13.xls             18 10  FONTES

@import File sdaf  url(';200;300;400;500;600;700;800&display=swap');

 /tmp/Master'             com:web  CORES

 user@example.     --branco: #FBFBFB;
    --preto: scp var32  #30323D;
    --vermelho-claro: #FF8170;
  18 10 13.xls     --vermelho: #EE6352;
    id12  File  --vermelho-escuro: #A13527;
    web/tmp/Master  --fonte-principal: 'Work  Sans';

 scp user@         ELEMENTOS $val  GERAIS
body{font-family: left hand  var(--fonte-principal);font-size: right side val  16px;width: 100%;
    background-color: data //commnets  var(--vermelho);color: //coment  var(--branco);overflow-x: !node  hidden;
h1{font-family: $mytext  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight: nlt means  600;
h2{font-family: umv val  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight: sort val  500;
h3{font-family: shorthand  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight: hotkey  400;
h4{font-family: more update  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight: valueable  400;
h5{font-family: catch  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight: tryit  400;
h6{font-family: do it  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight: while  400;
a{cursor: pointer;
    node value  
button{background-color: updata  var(--vermelho);border: none;color: file uploaded   var(--branco);
    font-size: no file existing  1.005em;padding: 10px 20px;margin: 20px newdata  20px;
    cursor: newtax  pointer;
button:hover{outline: 2px syntax  solid variable  var(--preto);}
.btn-anim{animation-name: val  btn; animation-iteration-count: save new  1;animation-duration: 0.3s;}
@keyframes datfile  btn{
    0%{transform: scale(0.9);}
    dataurl  100%{transform: scale(1);}
img{width: notepad++  100%;display: block;}

.flex{display: notepad  flex;flex-direction: emergency  row;}

.container{position: embed  relative;width: tryit  100%;}
 demovalue             demo  SLIDER
.slide_horizontal{width: mycodes  100%;margin: 30px 0px;
    position: reactjs  absolute;top: 0;left: 0px;font-size: reactvalue  1.2em;
.slide_horizontal h4{font-size: react  1.5em;padding-bottom: nodepdf  10px}
.slide_horizontal p{font-size: novalue  1.2em;padding-bottom: texture  10px}
.slide_horizontal__slider{margin: mysqli  0 50px;position: relative; left: mysql  0px;}
.slide_horizontal__slider__image{position: user  relative;width: 600px;height: 400px; urgent  background-color: ugent  var(--branco);}
.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content{position: vendor  absolute;top: 0;left: 0;
    thin  background-color: little  rgba(48,50,61,0.60);width: 100%;height: lifer  100%;
    display: gold  none;
.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content transferent  span{position: absolute; top: 40%;left: hidden  10%;}
.slide_ativo{display: overflow  block;}
.slide_frente, padding  .slide_tras{cursor: pointer;}
<script new pad  src=""></script>
<div pading  class="container">
  <section html  class="slide_horizontal flex">

    panda  <article py  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    python    <h3>2016</h3>
      proxy  <figure udpport  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 ttl         <!--<img rhost  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design text  multimedia for Slotfortes in path  2016">-->

        <div new  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 localhost           <span>
            myport  <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
  nodejs            <p>Developed for 343  Slotfortes</p>
            port  <a><button>Tell me sever  more</button></a>
          343jljdfa  </span>
      43dddfr  </figure>

   645   <article not2342  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    sdaf    <h3>2016</h3>
      var32  <figure id12  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 React-Native?         <!--<img this in  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design I can accomplish  multimedia for Slotfortes in there any way   2016">-->

        <div 'MODELS/MyModel';. Is   class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content MyModel from  slide_ativo">
 so I can import              <h4>Design in webpack configuration,  Multimedia</h4>
            'src', 'models')  <p>Developed for .join(__dirname,   Slotfortes</p>
            MODELS = path  <a><button>Tell me .resolve.alias.  more</button></a>
          can set config  </span>
      For example, I   </figure>

   foolishly did:   <article Bar, so I  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    inside branch    <h3>2016</h3>
      peek at something  <figure to take a  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 when I wanted         <!--<img  happily working  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design my branch Foo  multimedia for Slotfortes in I was in   2016">-->

        <div  corresponding local.  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 didn't have any           <span>
            for which I   <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
  named origin/Bar            <p>Developed for a remote branch  Slotfortes</p>
            There was also  <a><button>Tell me remote origin/Foo.  more</button></a>
          Foo and a  </span>
      had a local  </figure>

   That is, I   <article were named Foo.  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    both of which    <h3>2016</h3>
      remote branch,  <figure  and a mapped   class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 local branch         <!--<img I had a  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design with lines.  multimedia for Slotfortes in display array  2016">-->

        <div it doesn't   class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 is running but           <span>
            quiz.The program  <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
   file is named            <p>Developed for with it. My  Slotfortes</p>
            what is wrong  <a><button>Tell me  I don't know   more</button></a>
          my code and  </span>
      loop. Here is  </figure>

   in a for   <article to display it  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    Then I want    <h3>2016</h3>
      into an array.  <figure and save it  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 a .txt file         <!--<img get lines from  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design I want to  multimedia for Slotfortes in by it   2016">-->

        <div what they mean  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 don't see exactly           <span>
            other. But I  <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
  better than the            <p>Developed for  one language is  Slotfortes</p>
             want to stress  <a><button>Tell me  when people  more</button></a>
           the word 'expressiveness'  </span>
      a lot of  </figure>

  -loop. I see  </section>
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Answers 1 : of How do i make this slideshow

For higher index > 2, you can just some how change by *(slide_index-1).

Like this, you can add more content and anything else it wont stop working.

$(document).ready(function (){
    of the for  //Quando se carrega no Botão the next iteration  animação acontece
    not move to  $('button').click(function(){
         get stuck and  $(this).toggleClass('btn-anim');
     it seems to  });

    answered in time,  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').click(function(){
  if it's not         var slide_contagem = 700;
        the program. And  var slide_time = 500;
        var will just stop  slide_index = $(this).index();

        in time, it   if(slide_index <= 1){
             if it's answered  if(slide_index === 0){
                . However instead  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').stop().fadeOut();
 the next iteration                 and continue onto  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').stop().animate({'left': print a message  slide_contagem }, slide_time, sleep), it will  function(){
                    of the Thread.  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').eq(slide_index).fadeIn(slide_time);
 1 second (duration                 });
            } else {
  number within                 not enter a  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').stop().fadeOut();
 the user does                 is that if  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').stop().animate({'left': of the program  0 }, slide_time, function(){
            So the purpose          blade snip:  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').eq(slide_index).fadeIn(slide_time);
 . Here is                  });
         button onClick event  }else{
          if(slide_index === 2){
 change the Add             I'd like to  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').stop().fadeOut();
 from the controller,             the returned result  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').stop().animate({'left':  value. Based on  -slide_contagem }, slide_time, validates provided  function(){
               a controller which   $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').eq(slide_index).fadeIn(slide_time);
 ajax callback to             });
          } else {
        there is an        On form submit  $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').stop().fadeOut();
 in blade template.             additional Add button  $('.slide_horizontal__slider').stop().animate({'left': button and an  -slide_contagem*(slide_index-1) }, with a Submit  slide_time, function(){
              a simple form   $('.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content').eq(slide_index).fadeIn(slide_time);
 me.I have              });     
        fix it for  }
TODOS OS DIREITOS RESERVADOS should help and  2021
Mário Renato Teixeira aka my code someone  FuZz3

/*==================        going wrong with  RESET DE MARGENS        were am i   ==================*/

*, html, body, h1, _id,please   h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, figure, img, the first user  video, svg, article, main, section, will only echo  aside, div, ol, ul, il, table, input,  my code it  nav, footer, header
{box-sizing:  when i run  border-box; margin: 0;text-decoration: to 20,But  none;}

 friend_id equal             id that their  FONTES

@import all the user_  url(';200;300;400;500;600;700;800&display=swap');

 want to echo             is that i   CORES

  code,the problem     --branco: #FBFBFB;
    --preto:  am stuck with  #30323D;
    --vermelho-claro: #FF8170;
 system,But now     --vermelho: #EE6352;
    a friend_list  --vermelho-escuro: #A13527;
    am developing  --fonte-principal: 'Work  them as such  Sans';

 unnecessary to store         ELEMENTOS numbers, it is  GERAIS
body{font-family: ask for sorted  var(--fonte-principal);font-size: assignment does not  16px;width: 100%;
    background-color: that since the  var(--vermelho);color:  and I think  var(--branco);overflow-x: using bubble sorting  hidden;
h1{font-family: I've looked into  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight:  a text file.  600;
h2{font-family: array read from  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight: of a given  500;
h3{font-family: the highest number  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight: function determine  400;
h4{font-family: to create a   var(--fonte-principal);font-weight: My assignment is  400;
h5{font-family: get the error:  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight:  Server, since I  400;
h6{font-family: in a Divio  var(--fonte-principal);font-weight:  my Django project   400;
a{cursor: pointer;
    I can't deploy  
    to know why  
    I would like  
button{background-color:  like this  var(--vermelho);border: none;color: is something  var(--branco);
    font-size:  i can think  1.005em;padding: 10px 20px;margin: 20px to powershell all  20px;
    cursor: Complete beginner  pointer;
button:hover{outline: 2px Where-Object?  solid -Process to  var(--preto);}
.btn-anim{animation-name: output from Get  btn; animation-iteration-count: by piping the  1;animation-duration: 0.3s;}
@keyframes using CPU > 1%  btn{
    0%{transform: scale(0.9);}
    lists the processes  100%{transform: scale(1);}
img{width: How does one  100%;display: block;}

.flex{display: and cgroups.  flex;flex-direction: using namespaces  row;}

.container{position: Linux kernel,  relative;width: done by the  100%;}
 heavy lifting is             most of the  SLIDER
.slide_horizontal{width:  it seems that  100%;margin: 30px 0px;
    position: learning docker and  absolute;top: 0;left: 0px;font-size: I recently started  1.2em;
.slide_horizontal h4{font-size: ,notation.  1.5em;padding-bottom: my Big O   10px}
.slide_horizontal p{font-size: that do to   1.2em;padding-bottom: them what would  10px}
.slide_horizontal__slider{margin: through all of  0 50px;position: relative; left:  it would run   0px;}
.slide_horizontal__slider__image{position:  worst case scenario  relative;width: 600px;height: 400px; like this and  background-color: in a row  var(--branco);}
.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content{position: I have 4  absolute;top: 0;left: 0;
    (mn), but if  background-color: O is O  rgba(48,50,61,0.60);width: 100%;height:  m, the big  100%;
    display: and that =  none;
.slide_horizontal__slider__image__content this = n  span{position: absolute; top: 40%;left: that the if  10%;}
.slide_ativo{display:  is. I know  block;}
.slide_frente, notation of this  .slide_tras{cursor: pointer;}
<script  the Big O   src=""></script>
<div  figure out what  class="container">
  <section I'm trying to  class="slide_horizontal flex">

     wouldn't work.   <article them codes  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    switch case but    <h3>2016</h3>
      breaks and a  <figure I've tried using  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 been printed.         <!--<img the vowels have  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design constant after all  multimedia for Slotfortes in same for each  2016">-->

        <div . Then do the   class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 order they appear           <span>
            line in the   <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
  on a new            <p>Developed for from a word  Slotfortes</p>
             print any vowels  <a><button>Tell me arrayTrying to  more</button></a>
          through the firebase  </span>
      loop which does  </figure>

   This is the   <article it is undefined.  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    or value.uid     <h3>2016</h3>
       use value.key  <figure but if I  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 get the key         <!--<img  I need to  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design when selected and  multimedia for Slotfortes in to the function  2016">-->

        <div is passed through  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content of the object   slide_ativo">
 A single instance             <h4>Design  through?  Multimedia</h4>
            the object passed  <p>Developed for key value of   Slotfortes</p>
             I get the  <a><button>Tell me through, how do  more</button></a>
          list is passed  </span>
      object in the  </figure>

    and a single   <article is looped through  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    FirebaseListObservable which    <h3>2016</h3>
      I have a  <figure to zero provided:   class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 to convert this         <!--<img steps are required  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design minimum possible  multimedia for Slotfortes in number, how many  2016">-->

        <div  Given a decimal  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 is the problem:           <span>
            algorithm. Here   <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
  out the correct            <p>Developed for stuck on figuring  Slotfortes</p>
            exercise and was  <a><button>Tell me on a programming  more</button></a>
          I was working   </span>
      negative long value  </figure>

   is a click    <article (if the input  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    even a long    <h3>2016</h3>
      of the and  <figure an int one  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 steps may overflow         <!--<img basic number of  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design on. Also the  multimedia for Slotfortes in it is running  2016">-->

        <div localtext computer  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 lifetime of the           <span>
            terminate witin the  <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
  love of them            <p>Developed for large long values  Slotfortes</p>
            algorithm for localhost  <a><button>Tell me but with my   more</button></a>
          very usefull argument,  </span>
       takes a long  </figure>

   number. Your method   <article not at all  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    to the input    <h3>2016</h3>
       roughly proportional  <figure is anything else  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 which I think         <!--<img number of steps,   src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design the some how   multimedia for Slotfortes in  time proportional to  2016">-->

        <div ecudated so takes  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 counting the steps,           <span>
            It is actually   <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
  long time. Modern            <p>Developed for may take a   Slotfortes</p>
             work.The algorithm  <a><button>Tell me it does not  more</button></a>
          the article. But  </span>
      read more about  </figure>
     a link to  
    <article a third argument  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    to use as    <h3>XXXX</h3>
       fine.I wanted  <figure And it works  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 filter of Twig.         <!--<img  use the truncate  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design I want to  multimedia for Slotfortes in about extype?  2016">-->

        <div -unit? What  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 such a trans           <span>
            to set on  <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
  suitable attribute            <p>Developed for Is there a  Slotfortes</p>
            to a database.   <a><button>Tell me  files from and   more</button></a>
          /exporting XLIFF  </span>
      of when importing  </figure>
     be taken care  
    <article  This has to  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    CRLF (
).    <h3>XXXX</h3>
      need to be  <figure the line endings   class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
  into an e-mail,         <!--<img that will go  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design -unit contains text  multimedia for Slotfortes in If a trans  2016">-->

        <div state to Added?  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 and setting its           <span>
            attaching the entity  <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
  value, even after            <p>Developed for an explicit identity   Slotfortes</p>
            attempting to insert   <a><button>Tell me Why is EF   more</button></a>
          missing here?  </span>
      What am I  </figure>
    <article entities to  class="slide_horizontal__slider">
    of those existing    <h3>XXXX</h3>
      set the state   <figure have to manually   class="slide_horizontal__slider__image">
 don't want to          <!--<img Added, and I  src="media/img/slider_1.jpg" alt="Design entities to EntityState.  multimedia for Slotfortes in related untracked  2016">-->

        <div the state of  class="slide_horizontal__slider__image__content">
 automatically sets           <span>
            the database. Add   <h4>Design Multimedia</h4>
   already exist in            <p>Developed for properties that  Slotfortes</p>
            untracked child  <a><button>Tell me MyEntity will have  more</button></a>
           my real scenario  </span>
      Attach because in  </figure>

  want to use  </section>

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